What is the best natural way to overcome jet lag?

I am finding it harder and harder to get over my jet-lag but I hate using sleeping pills or drinking too much caffeine. What is the best way to beat jet-lag naturally?
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Hi there,
Being used to long-haul flights in particular, I suggest:
1) Water: Plenty of water before, during and after your flight.
2) Sleep/Meditate/Relax: Try to sleep on the flight. If you have problems sleeping, try to meditate for 10 minutes every hour as it's the equivalent to a short nap.
3) Lavender essential oil: Known for its relaxation/calming properties - you can buy this somewhere like Holland and Barrett. Please use sparingly; check that you are aware of how to apply and in what quantities before use.
4) Exercise: Regularly (even when sitting, move your feet and legs around to keep your blood circulation flowing properly).
5) Sleep: Try to go to bed at your destination around the same time you would at home.
6) If you are able to find someone who does Reiki at your destination, I would suggest a session to help clear any energy blockages and quickly restore a more balanced energy field.
I hope this helps. Get in touch if you need more information.
Kind Regards, Daniella
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Jet lag can be helped wih an aromatherapy treatment and a diluted blend of peppermint placed on pressure points around the back of the neck and back. Reflex points around the feet. After that three times a day inhale 2 drops of peppermint for 5 minutes. Also no alcohol on the plane drink plenty of water.
Digestion will be helped with olive leaf from solga and make sure you don't have sugar.
Hi Friend,
Firstly there is no ‘cure’ as such.... it one of the downsides to travel! However, I would try:
St John’s Wort – take at least two weeks to three weeks before travel. It can help to control the internal clock and also provide some endurance / stamina. But always follow the advice on the packet!!
Also believe it or not – porridge can be very helpful prior to the flight....oats have a beneficial affect.
Chamomile Tea....take this during and after the flight.
Also try Siberian Ginseng rather than coffee......the coffee will have a diuretic affect and will only add to the problem.
The passion flower can also help with a sedative affect.
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Hi Lopo, it looks like you've got plenty of material to write an article on beating jet lag! How are you? Long time no speak!
hi friend,
The natural ways to fight with jet lag are:
1.Try to relax during flights.
2.do stretching exercise during flights.
3.try to get sleep/nap during flights.
4.Don't smoke/drink
5.Do yoga & meditation regularly
6.Take rest from the work & have good sleep after long flights
7.Take Ayurvedic nervine tonics like Ashwagandha regularly.This is very effective.
8.Whole body massage,sun bath,Jaccuzi & Shirodhara
9.Avoid spicy food & take a glass of milk at bed time.
10.Don't indulge into any kind of sexual activity atleast for 48 hours after long flights as it is very demanding of one's energy and causes fatigue.
I grew up flying the globe, and now help my patients with their jetlag.
Siberian Ginseng 7.5mls morning and evening, for 3 days before you go, and 3-7 days after arrival. The same on the way back. If you're only there for a short spell, take it continously while youre away and until you're feeling normal again once you're home - you can count a day per hour of time change for your body to adjust, but it will be much less noticeable with the Ginseng. If you're on any medication, check with a Herbalist for interactions before you take anything at all.
Also during the flight, no alcohol and plenty of water. Once you get to your destination, try and adjust to the local time zone as soon as you can - ie try and stay awake as long as you can, and get up in the morning. expose your body to sunlight as that will help readjust your circadian rhythm.
I'm sure this will help. Get in touch if I can be of any more assistance.
Best wishes
Sara Southgate, BSc., ND, Dip Herb, Naturopath and Herbalist
I know it sounds really simple, but the one time I did not suffer from jetlag was on a trip to Cuba, because I chose the perfect flight-time!!
As well as what everyone has recommended so far, I would say try landing by night.
I had the opportunity to land there in the evening...I was exhausted from the journey so when I got to the hotel I was ready for bed, after a nice warm shower and a glass of water I was in lala land soon after, and woke up refreshed the next morning.
Try drinking lemon & ginger herbal teas and 'sniffing' Rosemary essential oil. Regards, Jan Cassells
Plenty of fresh air & exercise before sleeping & sleep with window open , also lavender or valerian are very good sleep inducers ..
Adding to all the great suggestions, i would say firstly, learn to meditate, even if just for 15 minutes to create a peaceful mind, as much energy is lost through our minds. This will help you center yourself particulary if you combine it with some gentle deep breathing and movement. Tai Chi and chi kung can help re-energise by getting your chi - life force energy moving!
Hello Lopo,
Your question and the problem you are experiencing and then compounding with prescription drugs, is not at all uncommon. My chosen Energy Psychological approach is EFT. As well as being incredibly effective when used correctly, it has the benefit of being self-administered, so it is immediately available. If you can download the FREE manual and begin tapping, let me know how it goes and if you need any help at all, don't hesitate to get back to me. h
Hi I would recommend reflexology or aromatherapy as natural ways to get the body back in balance from jet lag.
Reflexology works on the central nervous system and endocrine (especially pineal gland) which are helpful for your body clock.Hope that helps, Happy travelling =)
Hello... Really the very best solution is... A very good relaxing massage (can to be: Thai massage or Lomi Lomi massage). Only one thing: The Massage will need of Hight Quality and Technic.
You can to drink a natural herbal mixture tea for sleep later too... and take a hot shower.
The pills .. only will can to give to you problems in the future.
Kind Regards,
Always to your disposition and for your service.
Xiao Ying.
Staying hydrated is key, but one of the main issues with traveling through time zones is that fact that the adrenals have to work harder to keep up with your circadian rhythm.
My suggestion and product that I have always used are products for the adrenals. You could choose to take these in the form of whole food supplementation or with herbs.
My favorite herbs for the adrenals are licorice (if you don't have high blood pressure), ashwaganda and rehmannia. A company out of Austrailia called Medi-Herb makes a great product called Adrenal Complex.
For the whole food based supplement, I love a product called Drenamin from a company called Standard Process.
I traveled from Europe back to the United States and took the Drenamin during my entire trip and on the way back and my husband was shocked at how much energy I had when he picked me up from the airport. I have used this product with many other patients with great success!
Please feel free to check out our website for more information and good luck!
Besides keeping well-hydrated with preferably no alcohol consumed, there is absolutely no question in my mind that Bemer therapy will re-juvenate your body, simply because your blood-oxygen levels immediately improve, thus improving the ATP (cell energy) in every cell of your being. A couple of sessions before & after these flights will help you tremendously.
I agree that hydration is essential, therefore as well as drinking water avoid caffeine and alcohol. Melatonin is not available over the counter in the UK, however 5HTP the precursor to seratonin and melatonin is. Do not take either 5HTP or melatonin if you are already taking antidepressants as this can cause an excess of seratonin with nasty symptoms that are much worse than jet lag. 5HTP improves REM sleep quality by about 25% and simultaneously improves sleep stages 3 & 4 without increasing sleep time. So the sleep you get at the end of the journey is better quality even if you don't get any extra time in bed. In studies subjects taking 200mg at night increased REM sleep by 15 minutes in a night and those taking 600mg got an extra 20 minutes. Therefore 5HTP is also helpful for insomnia.
I believe it is definately important to drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. When you reach your destination try to follow their time zone, so for example if you reach somewhere and it is mid afternoon but your body is telling you it's bedtime because that is what it would be if you were at home, try to keep yourself occupied and do not sleep until your normal bedtime in that country. That way your body will adapt more quickly to your new time zone. Hope it helps?
the best way is to buy melatonin take it for 5 days no more then that and go for a run jog or lite work and go to bed at the same time you would in when you get back to the uk and go to bed same time ever night like 10 pm it it still the same you need to get some test to see if you may of pick out any thing why yor was way
Using a homeopathic remedy such as arnica helps reduce jet lag symptoms massively. But the one thing I have found that really really works is called Travel Essence. For more information have a look here: http://www.goodhealthnow.co.uk/products/The-Travel-Kit-.html
Hi. I found the very best way to avoid jet lag is to avoid eating on the plane and keeping well hydrated with plenty of water (no alcohol, if possible). Sounds totally crazy but it does work - I heard about this after a study of twins who flew back from Australia; one didn't eat, just slept and drank water and he fared far better than his brother. He had barely any jetlag and adapted back to daily routine almost immediately, whereas his brother felt dreadful for a few days after!