I have moles comming up under my skin and i feel my face is now being over taken. What do you do.

Do you get rid of moles that are under the skin as well as on the skin
Asked by Shelleyanne01

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In the first instance I would strongly recommend you see your doctor. The appearance of new moles or a change in the appearance of existing moles should be discussed with your doctor to exclude the possibility of them being Melanomas for example.
The doctor can then advise on the most appropriate way of treating or removing them.
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Hi Shelley
Many thanks for your enquiry.
There are some possible treatments available but It would be best to come in for a consultation or maybe e-mail us some pictures and we would be able to give you a more thorough answer.
Our telephone number is 01483 477189 or e-mail address is info@absoluteaesthetics.co.uk
Kind regards
Absolute Aesthetics
Should you decide to choose the McIndoe Surgical Centre, we will arrange an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this appointment, the consultant will discuss your medical history and the treatment options available, and, if appropriate, remove the moles as a minor operation under local anaesthetic. As this procedure is carried out in our Outpatient Department, you must be accompanied by an adult who can drive you home.
For more information or to make an appointment please call our helpline on 0800 917 4922
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