Does acupuncture hurt?

It is needles after all...
Asked by charleymarley

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Hi. I would say occasionally it can be a little uncomfortable rather than hurt (many people feel no real discomfort at all.). It depends on which points you are needling, The needles used in acupuncture are not like needles you would have in an injection, they are very very fine and slightly bendy.
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no it dose not but if you fell pain they may be pushing to hard
Hi Charleymarley, I had accupunture to treat very painful arthritis in my wrist. As others have said, the needles are very fine. I felt nothing as they were inserted..... some were then heated & I had to let the therapist know when they felt warm.
The experience as a whole was pleasant. My condition worsened after the 3rd session but then after the 6th I felt fabulous - painfree & re-energised!
I would recommend accupuncture & your fears regarding the needles can be addressed in your initial consultation. Any therapist worth their salt should put you at ease:)
Hi there, I agree with Jennifer it can be a bit uncomfortable. However I've had two very different experiences, I had foot cramps and chose acupuncture to treat it. I found the needles around my feet to be uncomfortable to the point that I had to have them taken out...but on the opposite side I had some put in my back in a seperate session and felt absolutely nothing. It's worth noting in both instances my muscular problems got much better, so it's worth having it done regardless of any discomfort. It really is dependant on what you're treating and various other factors.
Hi Charleymarley, acupuncture does not hurt the needles used today are very fine and top quality. Depending on what condition your being treated for the sensations may vary. Most people feel relaxed and calm when having acupuncture. Clients sometimes say they have worried about having acupuncture, but after have really enjoyed the feeling. Give it a try and let me know or come to Champneys Henlow where I work and I will gladly give you a treatment. Kind regards Andys