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Question: Question to personal trainers: how can I strengthen my left leg? My right side is more dominant

Asked by PaolaEnergya

6 answers

As a massage therapist, I always end up using the right side of my body more than the left and currently my left hip and leg are weaker than their counterparts. I do Power Plate, Pilates, rowing and dancing but should I do specific exercises to strengthen my left side?

Strength Training

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This is something I come across quite frequently because if we are right handed we automatically use the right side more without thinking about it. I use kettlebells to really strengthen and scultp my clients lower body. However, Lunges are good for strengthening the lower body and I would suggest you only use the left side - step forward with the left leg, lower the right knee so it drops towards the ground at a right angle and push back with the left leg keeping all the weight on the heel not the ball of the foot. Make sure your knee does not travel past your toes when lunging and keep the chest upright. Another good exercise is 'knees to standing' - start kneeling on the floor and stand up using the left leg first. Reverse to kneeling using the left left. Try 15-20 of these each day and hold a weight in the right hand to make it harder. Try and lead with the left leg as much as possible - when walking up stairs always start with the left leg or when running or cycling always start with the left leg.

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Wow, that's brilliant Gill, excellent advice, I will put it into practice

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First of all, you shouldn't neglect your right side whilst strengthening your left. Achieving all over body/lower body strength is more practical. I recommend that you start of doing squats as this will help strengthen your lower body muscles along with your hip flexors. The link below will show you how to perform these safely. You can also progress to using weights to make this harder. For this exercise, do 10-12 squats, rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat another two more times.

I would also recommend that you do Bulgarian split squats. This will have you working each leg individually and therefore building up more individual leg strength. Again, the link below shows you how to do this exercise. For this exercise however, you should do 10-12 Bulgarian split squats on your right leg, and 12-14 on your left. The extra two reps on your left leg will help it catch up with your right leg. Again, rest for 30-60 seconds after you worked both legs and repeat the exercise another two more times.

If the links don't work, just go on youtube and search bodweight squats and Bulgarian split squats.

Hope this helps


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I think you have it covered already

- Single leg Lunges
10 on strong side 15 on weak

- Single leg dead lift

Step up on the bench

You can also do Leg Press, Leg Curls, Leg Extension (All gym based) Reps 10 on strong 15 on week

you could try spinning ...cycle concentrate on the weak leg for 10 counts and then cycle on both...try that 2 or 3 time


Thank you Angelo and myfitnessbuddy, very comprehensive advice, I will do my very best to do the exercises


Obviously a sensible, well constructed, functional exercise routine is a must and there are many trainers and coaches who would be able to provide you with a good periodised programme. If it is a major imbalance I would recommend consulting a good chiropractor or osteopath to ensure the nerve pathway's are optimal before commencing your exercises.

I agree with Scott39 that a CHEK Practitioner level 3/4 would be a good starting point.

best of luck.



If you belong to a gym the best thing to do is use leg machines (1. leg extension,2. leg curl, 3. leg press, 4. adductor and 5. abductor). On machines 1 to 3 change the positon of your feet every 5 reps, heels together and toes out, toes together and heels out, toes pointed, feet flexed. This works the different muscles around your leg. Reduce the weight you would normally use then work one leg at a time. This will stop you letting your right side take the weight. Also ask an instructor to show you the correct way to do one legged squats. Hope this helps.

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Thank you - yes I work in a personal training studio, and I will modify my training regime to integrate your advice


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your excellent advice


yes do not use the power plate will not help at all you a Corrective Exercise program and some one to look at what going i could do it my assment time is 3-4 hr and then i can give you an Corrective Exercise program that will help you get you legs and hip stong so give me call on 07841144878 if you like me to help you from scott bryant

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Hi Scott, I work at Trinity Health Club, remember? Of course I will still do Power Plate training.

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