I'm a large lady but have always wanted to try Yoga what & how would be a good place to start ?

would Yoga be harmful,I am aware I would not be able to do the more complex positions as not at all flexable, but really keen to try something.
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Come to Yoga Holidays Turkey for a great introduction :)
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Size shouldn't be an issue...Justine & Sandy have really said it all, though if you are Sussex-based please feel free to contact us for a free trial yoga class!
Very well said by Justine . Also - always feel free to email/ask your local Yoiga studio if they would maybe hold a class dedicated/designed for those that may feel as you do or have the came concerns. We welcome suggestions very much. Just as I find those looking for Prenatal Yoga, even though its perfectly fine to attend a regular class (just infomr the instructor that you are expecting).....generally prenatal moms enjoy being with other prenatal moms.
Yoga is a lot about seeing through our egos, so any teacher that asks you to try complex positions that you feel are inappropriate is not practicing yoga but ego-boosting! A good yoga teacher recognises that yoga is for everyone regardless of appearance, ability or belief system and will amend postures to suit the individual. This in turn leads to you developing a level of self-awareness that enables you to choose how much, how deep, how far to go into each position - without self-judgement or the need to compete with others in the class or yourself (we can sometimes compete with our past selves if we have previously done something 'better'). So, my answer would be, start now at any class bearing in mind what I've said as not all teachers uphold this philosophy. Best to try many teachers and see who suits you best, hope you find the perfect teacher for you because yoga is the 'holy grail' in terms of understanding yourself! x
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