I have fibrositis in my right arm and its painful what can i do to help it

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Kinesiology, manual muscle testing, can get to the root of your symptoms and quite often Food Sensitivities are involved as well as a lack of Essential Fatty Acids and sometimes Manganese. However, you need to get tested individually otherwise it is still all just guess work.
For more info visit http://www.energy4health.co.uk and http://www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk
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Wear cork shoes.
I have to agree with all of the comments below about how helpful Pilates can be for those suffering with your condition. We have 2 clients who come to our studio on a weekly basis and the work we have done has been truly life changing for them. The focus on breath and relaxation alongside the movement which relieves tension in the joints is a great combination and can produce fantastic results. Make sure you go to a teacher who is experienced in working remedially. Depending on where you are located I can recommend Pilates Studios to you if you email on grace.yourpilates@gmail.com. If you are outside London, I suggest you go to the Pilates Foundation website to find a suitably qualified instructor. Hope you feel better soon!
Hi there,
Sorry to hear about your condition. As Fibrositis is known to be a chronic condition causing a variety of symptoms, Reiki can help by supporting your body in clearing blockages leading to any inflammation being reduced. If you suffer from sleeping problems, fatigue, anxiety and/or depression, Reiki can support you by lifting your mood thereby reducing the negative effects of sleeping problems etc.
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Hi, heating or massaging the area should help alleviate the swelling the area that is putting pressure on the nerves and causing pain. some people find that using a hairdryer to heat the area can help (of course being careful, don't burn yourself!). I practice Tuina deep tissue medical massage which can help unblock the area, again causing relief. I agree with the other posts that reiki can be really helpful in this condition. For self treatment, stick with heating and some gentle self-massage (although I realise that it's not so easy to reach the upper arm.)
Pearl Barley water I believe will help drain the system too.
As a craniosacral therapist I have worked with several clients with fibromyalgia with good results. Due to the biodynamic nature of the treatment, it is the client's system which dictates the agenda, allowing the pace of change and release to suit the individual with the therapist acting as facilitator. For more information please contact me via my website. http://www.clearwatertherapies.co.uk
we have worked with clients with Fibromyalgia (which is the same as fibrositis) and have seen excellent results with both Pilates work and Yamuna Body Rolling. Both can help to reduce the joint stiffnes by stretching and strengthening muscles and relieving joint tension. Simply moving also helps to elavate mood which can relieve the depression / anxiety that sufferers often feel.
Reiki would help alleviate the pain in your Arm. I have dealt with clients with similar conditions with regards to there joints/muscles. They should great results from the first treatment. http://www.desertreikidubai.org
Reflexology could work to intervene with your problem. Also something to try to alleviate the pain and work on the specific area in General would be Reiki. Active reiki Channels energy at specific frequencies to the root of the illness or ailment. IF you would like to further your information on this subject and how Reiki could help. PLease visit my website or email me for further details. http://www.desertreikidubai.org
Have you tried acupuncture? This can be very helpful. It can also reduce the pain.
Hello.... I 'm sure we can resolve your painful arm by using deep tissue massage combined with specific stretches ; also I use laser therapy for symptoms that are too painful for massage ..
Hi, I believe there is nothing yet discovered to treat fibrositis. If doctors perscribed you an exercise, I believe a good physiotherapist should be able to work with the arm. Have you tried reflexology treatment? Since it is a grey area, you will have to go on and explore which treatment works for you the best.