Could my elderly grandma benefit from a pilates session?

Asked by KatieInnes

1 answer

Pilates can be a wonderful form of exercise for your grandma because Pilates engages the body and mind with gentle and controlled movements, releases muscular tension, strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, improves balance, and focuses greatly on the art of breathing. Having said all that, it is not appropriate for me to say whether she will benefit or not from Pilates unless we know more about her medical history, goals and objectives. I would suggest for you to look up for group exercises classes based on Pilates methods and designed specifically for the elderly population in your local area. Another alternative is to hire a personal trainer experienced in dealing with elderly clients. The most important thing is to motivate your grandma to keep moving and doing things that makes her happy and satisfied.
Soraya Emment
Sport Psychologist, Coach & Trainer
West London
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