Seen some positive articles about Unreal in various mags.. just wondering if anyone has tried it!?

I've seen some great things about the Unreal professional spray tan biut was just wondering if anyone had tried their home products and if they would recommend them as I can't afford to get a professional spray tan done every week..!
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I saw an article on Unreal's Body Buff in More magazine last month. It was different to the usual St Tropez, Fake Bake stuff that's usually in there so I bought a Buff from the website. It's a really luxurious scrub and its much more gentle because it doesn't use salt or sugar granuals or alchols.
After the success I had with the Body Buff I bought their ody Bronze, the gradual self tanner. Its a really soft cream that feels like a rich moisturier on application and has given me a fantastic glow! Its still on 6 days later so will report back as to how well it fades etc!
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YES I have had great experiences with both the professional Unreal solution and their home products! Their home product range is cheaper than most, is 100% organic (without any parabens or alcohol) and is really long lasting. Try the Body Bronze if you want to get a home grown tan. It's much quicker to build a tan compared to most "gradual" self tanners. You can get a subtle glow with just one application but I usually do two layers and I achieve a really nice bronze colour!
There are some helpful comments about the products on "Review Centre" here I have also seen some interesting comments on "Salon Geek" and some articles in More Magazine.
Hope this helps!