What's the best (foolproof) fake tan for VERY pale skin? I have found gradual moisturisers too oily!

Can anyone recommend a treatment or product that won't turn me orange or make me break out and (if self-tan) is nice and easy to apply?
Asked by Ali-Rowley

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I think everyone here is probably just going to suggest the product that their salon/spa/they use personally. What I recommend is to find a tan with a percentage of 8 or 10% DHA. You can ask your spray tanner if you are getting it in a salon or just ring up and ask the manufacturer since for some weird reason they dont put it on consumer bottles. Alternatively you could have a rapid tan which is a new development in technology and then wash it off after 2 hours for a light tan.
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I offer Sienna X Spray Tanning for £25. For a pale skin I use the 8% volume one, the tan is natural I promise.
Try Xen-Tan - they offer three ranges (Dark, Medium, Light/Gradual) so even the fairest skin can enjoy a natural-looking tan. The formula has olive undertones to it, so you can't go orange and you will achieve an olive sun-kissed glow. It is easy to apply, has a gorgeous fragrance and doesn't streak, as each product is packed with moisturisers.
It sounds like you would probably be best trying the Transform products from the Light/Gradual range. The gradual tanning range is the perfect choice if you want to be in complete control of your colour, so you can build your tan to just the right shade for you. They also do a specially formulated Face Tanner, which is a lighter formula for use on the skin and is very nourishing.
Hope that helps x
Sienna X Spray Tan all the way for me! it's natural looking, will suit all skin types and smells delicious!(holiday coconut fragrance)
Plus the range comes in a variety of DHA% (main tanning ingreidant) which means the colour and depth of the tan can be tailor made specifically to suit your skin type. (Not all other brands have this)
Also, great aftercare range too to keep your tan looking at its best for as long as possible :)
Hope this helps xx
Beauty Lab peptide tanning it is amazing.
Well Ali, i do Xen tan which is natural and is very effective on pale skin.
There are so many differing brands out there. I would say for a self tan use one which has a moisturiser base, we use in the salon Unreal which is a relatively new product and has recently been getting a lot of press as it is very natural looking. The important thing is not to overdo it.
I have very very pale skin lol so i have tried them all. Ive found sol-spa(or st tropez) tanning mouse applied with a mit to be the best its tinted so you wont miss bits and very natural, rem to miosturise any dry areas frist, although you cant get better than a spray tan applied by a therapist try sol-spa 8%.
We use Fake Bake self tan lotion in the salon (retails at about £22). After all of the products we tested, this was by far the best- no streaks, no darker patches and adjusts to your skin colour. If you're very fair skinned, it comes in a 'Fair' shade so ideal if you're a bit nervous about going too dark (we've ever seen this happen tho!) If you prepare the skin properly with oil free exfoliant (Fake Bake passion fruit body polish is fab), you really can't go wrong.
Hope that helps!