How much does a breast enlargement operation cost?

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The general cost of a breast augmentation is about £4000 - £4500 but will be more if you decide to choose teardrop implants or if you need to have additional surgery (for example if you need a small lift as well). You need to make sure you know what this price includes. In my practice this cost includes surgical, anaesthetic and hospital fees as well as the implants. It also includes all after care and the management of any early complications. Make sure that any cost comparisons include these too.
Although cost is important make sure you get on well with your surgeon and that he understands what you are hoping to achieve. Make sure that you are completely happy with any proposed surgery and that you are clear about what to expect. As with any surgery take the time to be sure that you are not only happy with the surgeon but also the hospital where it will happen.
The cost of a breast augmentation is usually around £4000, but the price does vary. The main reason for the variation relates to the choice of implants used – the tear drop (anatomical) shaped implants that give a more natural looking breast augmentation are more expensive than the round breast implants.
My suggestion would be to choose your implant after a thorough consultation with a consultant plastic surgeon, and together you can work out the implant style (and size) that bets suits your desires and your frame. Although it may increase the price by several hundred pounds in some cases, I think that it is important to remember that the decision you make, and the money you spend, are a long term investment, as your implants should last a long time.
At Harley street plastic it costs £3000 the average price is £4100 so this is the best deal in the UK at the moment.
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