what is the minimum age for a spray tan. i am 13.

Asked by marimari

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There isn't a legal minimum age you need to be in order to have a spray tan but they're not usually very popular with younger people because of the upkeep and cost of getting them done. However, if its just a one off for a special occasion (wedding / play performance) I don't see why you couldn't get one done! Just make sure you properly exfoliate before hand so the tan doesn't come out patchy! It will last longer too!
I love Unreal Body Bronze; its a creamy self tan that builds up much quicker than most gradual tanners. One application will give you a nice glow, but I usually do two layers and I come out nice and bronzed! Its an all natural product too so won't give you spots or rashes as there's no alcohol or parabens in it so its gentle on young skin!
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Hi usually the minimum age is 16 unless accompanied by an adult and written parental consent.
spray tan doesn't harm the skin so from age of 12 onwards
many salons dont have a minimun age as most tan are sugar based however we do state that if under 16 must be accompanied by an adult to sign a consent form.This is optional for the salon but it is completely fine to spraytan at 13
with parental permission 13 is not a problem, our products are made from natural ingredients and paraben free , hope that helps. Feel free to ask any furthger questions or give me a call to chat
Regards, Christina
We have no age limit for spray tanning, however we will require signed parental consent from anyone under the age of 16. Get Gorgeous xx
I agree as well, I would want a parent present also to protect myself
I agree. Some tanners though may have an age limit stipulated on their insurance policy, but as a rule as long as a consent form is signed by your parent or guardian it will be fine.
There isn't a minimum age as such but you would need to accompanied by an adult and they would also need to give consent by signing your consultation form. I would also ask that they are with you whilst you are having the tan.