What are the best things to do to keep hold of my spray tan for as long as possible?

It might be a long summer, you never know!!
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Exfoliating the night before is vital. This ensure all the dead skin cells are sloughed off before the spray tan. The following 8 hours are important to ensure you don't "sweat" off your tan. The recent hot weather can make this tricky especially if you sweat in bed a lot. Don't take hot baths, a quick shower is sufficient and don't rub dry pat instead. Moisturising is key and try and do this morning and night for best results. Also buy a tan extender from the therapist to maintain your tan and even out the fade.
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Sienna X range is great, they do a exfoliator, body wash and body moisturiser to prolong your tan.
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By following the correct pre and after tan advice eg, no perfume, deoderant or make up to be worn the day you have your tan, Also prep your skin and remove dead skin cells by gentle exfoliation.
After your tan use a moisturiser everyday and a gradual tan after every bath/ shower to prolong the life of your tan. When you shower be sure to use a body wash specifically designed not to strip your tan. It is also recommended to exfoliate before your tan and also when it starts looking a bit patchy
All of these should be the same brand as your Spray Tan to ensure best results and should be retailed to you by your Spray Tan Technician.
The best steps I have discovered to prolong my tan is to moisturise your whole body for a few days leading up to your tan (to make sure the skin is soft and supple). Then the night before your tan shave /wax and thoroughly exfoliate to get rid of all your dead skin cells.
Then when you get your spray tan, try to wear loose fitting clothes, no make up / perfume etc and leave the colourguide on as long as possible (I usually have it done and then sleep in it). After you wash off make sure you religiously moisturise your entire body every day. This will prolong your tan for the maximum time possible.
Getting the right spray tan will also help as some last longer than others and contain different hydration systems to condition the skin. I discovered Unreal about 8 months ago and love it! If properly looked after, it can last up to 10 days(!!) and you can buy their home self tan products online which if used together make the tan last! They're all natural too and don't contain alcohol which is another reason I love Unreal as I have Eczema so my skin is extra sensitive!
Always make sure you do the correct prep the night before, exfoliating is really important. After the tan if you can keep youself moisturised as much as possible that will make a big difference. You can also usually buy a tan extender from your spray tan technician which will help extend the life of the tan.
definatley exfoliate and shave the night before,once your tan has developed then siennax do a tan wash which prolongs your tan and locks the tan into your skin.Moisturise daily to prevent your tan from becoming scaley and always use a thick mosturisor.I drink plenty of water to keep my skin hydrated it really works