What's the best exercise to get a flat and toned stomach?

Which kinds of exercise would you recommend to get a flat stomach, and for how long?
Asked by charleymarley

3 answers

Hi, I'd have to say 'flat abs start in the kitchen'. Without a sensible diet your never going to see definition and nice lines around your torso especially if it is covered with several layers of fat! So that means staying away from heavily refined and over processed foods, trans fats, refined sugars, cakes, pastries, takeaways and alcohol. Instead be sensible, look for a diet that is made up of a variety of foods including lean protein, chicken, turkey, pork, some red meat, fish including oily fish minimum twice a week, plenty of vegetables, 'eat a rainbow', fruit little more moderately or have pre and or post workout. Wholegrains such as oats, rice, keenwa for slow release GI and plenty of water. We as a nation are not drinking enough of this essential nutrient. Eat small portions little and often. Eat the naughty things only very ocassionally on perhaps a cheat day (we are human after all) or maybe as a post workout meal after a very hard session where you have pushed yourself to the max, ladies that doesn't mean 3 hours on the X-Trainer! Weights is where its at :)
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Lots of Cardio, 1 hour a day. And workouts that contract the abs; static exercise work the core so not really working your abs.
Hi Charley
There is a huge misconception about finding the best ab workout. The truth is is that you must fix the gut from the inside out first. The deepest layer of the abdominal wall is the transversus abdominus. The fibres run laterally so it is like our own personal belt. If the foods we are eating today are of poor nutritional quality then the ab wall will disengage, therefore continually doing core exercises will result to nothing but stress on the back. Everytime we open a health and fitness magazine there is always a stupid article on how to get a six pack or a flat stomach. But if it was that simple everyone in the world would have a six pack!!!!!
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