Would acustaple or acumpuncture treatments be suitable for an insomnia sufferer?

I take hours to drift off and when I do get to sleep I never feel 'rested' in the morning. Could acustaple (or even acupuncture) alleviate this problem?
Thank you!
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Hi Mel I suffered with insomnia for at least a year probably sleeping only 10 hours a week. I found acupuncture to be a waste of time, it never worked for me at all. It takes a few dedicated things but it can be cured without the help of medical sleeping aids.
What helped for me were the following:
Early morning exercise or evening sessions of yoga.
Not eating after 9pm
Having a relaxing bath before bed
Spraying the bed with bedtime spray also helped
these were the main things for me anyway, i am slowly getting back to normal now but going into the second year I still find I can have bad months of when i rarely sleep, mainly caused by stress, when I am not stressed I sleep like a baby.
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Hello Melanie Jayne, Insomnia is a complex issue but acupuncture can indeed be effective. However there are likely to be other factors, such as diet, fluid intake, exercise levels and mental/emotional stressors that should be considered. In my view treatment should include appropriate advice on aspects of lifestyle that may be having an impact on your sleep. Acupuncture can definitely be a very relaxing form of treatment and can help to improve sleep quality but you should also seek advice from any practitioner as to other areas for you to work on in support of the acupuncture treatment. A quick tip, a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow can help you to relax as you try to get to nod off.
Hi Melanie Jayne, Acupuncture can help this problem. Insomnia is usually due to failure of the kidney and heart to communicate with each other. to treat this nourish the heart and calm the mind, communicate the heart and kidney, points to be used heart 7,kidney 3 and extra pointhn 16. Hope this helps Kind regards Andrew


Quite a technical answer. Based on the limited information given nourish heart blood would be the most obvious treatment principle.
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