How often should I exfoliate after a spray tan?

I'm considering getting a spray tan but don't want to get that scaly effect when it wears off. How often should I exfoliate to avoid this?
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You should try not to exfoliate during your tan. However, if your tan becomes patchy or scaley you should exfoliate thoroughly to remove the excess colour. To avoid this situation in the first place you should thoroughly exfoliate at least twice before getting a tan, it is usually best to use a brands whole product range as it is designed to work as a package.
This is definitely the case with Unreal tanning and I have to say Unreal is the best tannng solution I've ever used! This solution is completely different to everyone else's on the market because it uses Advanced Seasonal Technology which basically means Unreal have different solutions to match the different seasons of the year! This means in the winter you will have a slightly lighter tan (which looks natural during the dark winter months) and the summer solution gives you a deeper, golden yet still natural looking glow.
My clients have said this is also their favourite brand as it dries quickly and has no smell. It also lasts for up to ten days with good maintenance and its pretty much impossible to turn anyone orange!! This is because the solution adapts to the skins natural properties so if you tan someone with an 8% that usually goes brown in the sun, they will go darker (with the 8%) compared to someone that usually just burns.
Unreal also do a great home product range, available online at! There are some reviews of their products on Salon Geek, Review Centre and other forums - Google it!
I am never without my Unreal Fake Tan as I am absolutely addicted! Proud to be a TANOREXIC!!


I AGREE!! I use Unreal's "Body Buff" because its much more gentle than most exfoliators because it contains "micro poly beads" instead of the scratchy salt or sugar granuals other exfoliators use.
Unreal is fabulous!!
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PLease wait until your tan has faded or at least until you can see it fading x then once you exfol it wont go like a snake skin effect!
I can only echo what most of the others have said...exfoliate well before your spray tan is applied and then to maintain your tan afterwards, make sure you moisturise everyday.
Only begin to exfoliate when the tan starts to fade..once that happens you can exfoliate every day to remove the tan evenly.


Hi Melanie,
Spray tan products all contain a certain amount of alcohol which help prevent the air brush nozzle from clogging (tanning products are sugar based which cause clogging)
I recommend tanning products (such as He-Shi) that are applied manually with a mit.
Mit applied products do not contain alcohol being, generally, more oil based (it is the alcohol content of spray tan products that dehydrate the skin thus causing erratic fading within drier areas of the body)
From personal experience I can honestly say I have never had to exfoliate after a He-Shi tan. Exfoliation can only shorten the life span of the tan. Moisturising daily (which does not dilute the tan!!) is beneficial however gentle daily exfoliation, a week PRIOR to your tan procedure, is of paramount importance. Michelle @ Lerage xXx
We ask clients to exfoliate the night before the tan this will help prolong the colour. For aftercare, I advise clients to moisturise twice a day if possible and once they see the tan start to fade/go patchy usually after a good 5 - 7 days, to gently exfoliate every day. This should help the tan fade more evenly and avoid the scaly look that it can give the skin and always try to keep your skin moisturised.
I do fake bake tanning treatments. We have a selection of products that prolongs the tan e.g oil-free moisturisers and passion fruit exfoliators. We advise clients to moisturise daily and exfoliate around 5 - 7 days later.
Try first of all to keep your skin moisturised as much as possible and drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated,this will reduce the scaley effect massivley.Then when you need to start exfoliating which is normally after a week do it on a daily basis with mits, this will bring it off after a couple of days.We stock the sienna raqnge that consists of all the washes, moisturisers, to reduce scaling then an exfoliater polish that remolves the tan and can be used daily
I do Fake Bake Spray Tanning, we advice clients to exfoliate proir to the tan and then approx 4 - 7 days after the tan to help the tan fade evenly.
Hi there, never exfoliate immediately after a spray tan.
You need to make sure your skin is in tip top condition before you receive your spray tan, so exfoliate and moisturise regularly the week leading up to it. The skin only goes scaley when you don't moisturise regularly twice a day after your spray tan.
Always use oil free moisturiser to prolong the life of a tan. A good spray tanning salon will advise you and provide you with tips on how to prepare for and look after your tan.
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Hi, it really depends what else you are doing...thebest way to make a tan last is to moisturise using an oil free moisturiser..that way you probably only need to start exfoliating on day 5 or 6...avoiding long hot baths / chlorine will make it last longer too x
Hi it depends which brand of spray you have had. I use Su-do and i recommend that after approx 5 days you should exfoliate to stop the scaly effect. However, you should also be moisturising at least once a day up until that point to help keep the tan at its best.
Wherever you had your tan done should have told you the do's and don'ts.
Hope this helps
Hi,You really need to try not to exfoliate after a spray tan as this will wear it off quicker. Are you moisturising before you have a tan done as this may be affecting how it wears off? x
You se a gentle exfoliator the day after the tan Sienna X do a mild exfoliator that you can also use on the face