how much is it for a full body spray tan

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Hi Mandy,
It will vary from place to place of course, but Wahanda have a few offers so you can find a good deal! Have a look here for our list of spray tans
Hope that helps!
Search Treatwell for Spray Tanning and Sunless Tanning near you
I offer Sienna X Tanning at your home (or mine) for £25
This varies from salon to salon, but a spray tan will usually be in the range of £25-35 for a good quality, full body spray.
I use Unreal spray tanning solution and its £25 for a full body spray that lasts up to 10 days!
We charge £20 for a tan within a 10 mile radius and add just £5 to travel further. All our first time tanners receive a top up sachet of the brilliant Sienna X tan solution plus a gorgeous body scrub or moisturiser worth £10. We drop the price to £15 for three or more tanners to be! We're based in Billericay, Essex, find us at Love Abby
Hi Mandy,
We area a chain of 3 Central London salon & we charge £30 for a full body spray tan.
We use Xen Tan which gives a stunning colour & all our therapists are highly trained, professional & friendly.
You will be sure to have a great tan after one of our treatments.
Many thanks, Mary x
We have a special offer of £20.00 for a full body St Tropez spray tan.
Hi Mandy
Our salon is located in the cheshire ara and the spray tans in area vary form £20 to £30 depending on the tan being used. I hope this helps
Emma @ Tocco BC
Hi, I charge £20 for a full body spray tan. I use quality solutions such as SiennaX and A-tan. Booking a course of spray tans will mean you pay less.
A full body spray tan is £15, and obviously i come to your house to do it. If there are 4 or more of you at the same appointment i charge £12.50 each.
Please let me know if you require any further info.
It depends on your area but ranges from £25- £25. Here in the West Midlands the average price is £15
At tan n tonic it is £20 for a full body or £10 for half a body,with a range of 6 different colour of tan to choose from
Please check out our website Our tanning is revolutionary it is the only anti cellulite, anti ageing, and it actually stimulates the melanin in the skin. It is a fab colour. The cost is £20.00 thsnk you we are in the North East. If there is a party of four or more you can expect to recieve a free tan.
Hi Mandy!
Thats 25 pounds for one treatment and 40 pounds for two.
looking forward hearing from you soon.
It varies from place to place, but I charge £20 per person, £17.50 if you have it done with a friend during the same visit or £15 each if there is 3 or more people at the same appointment.