What's the best way to gain weight healthily?

I am 5"3 and used to weigh 51kg. I am naturally very slim but recently due to stresses of work, being excessively busy etc I have lost weight and am down to 48.50kg. I don't not believe i'm underweight (or am I?!) but I am not happy with this weight loss and wish to put more meat on and then condition/tone this.
Please advise! Thank you, Mets.
Asked by MetsThrifty

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Thanks everyone for your answers to my queries, all very helpful and scary to think that I was a bit underweight for a while! Thankfully I have been a lot less stressed and really made sure I have eaten so have put some more weight on :-) I'll continue to eat normally & healthily and double up my portions where I physically can and keep doing Yoga & similar exercise to tone rather than lose weight & calories. And of course, take time out :-) Thanks again
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Hi Mets
Sounds like belly dancing is a good option for you. The great thing is that it's a lot of fun, so there are a lot of laughs and it's a great way to unwind from the stress of the day.
Belly dance also tones the body in a feminine way as movements originate from the torso, so you get toned curves, rather than a body builder shape. Also the flowing movements can be very relaxing and calming, and the shimmying movements are a great massage for the body.
You will probably want to look at your diet too, a nutritionist can be a good option. Make sure you have plenty of handbag/ glovebox snacks for busy days and ensure you eat at regular intervals - I like the 'food doctor' bars for this.
Feel free to contact me for more info on belly dancing.
Mia Serra
Every one is different, to gain weight eat more than you burn off, but to gain weight healthily requires good quality food, regular meals cut out the junk foods keep a diary of all food and drink you take in. With healthy weight gain the condition and tone of your body will happen together and you should feel like your old self but fitter with more energy. If your busy and stressed then your diet should be better so you can cope with this pressure always make time for your meals. Good luck
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