How often can I have botox?

Asked by Missy

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Good question Missy. It depends what the botox is treating.
Most of the time, the botox helps to break a habit e.g. of frowning so once the habit has been minimised and the frown lines have faded, most have their botox on a preventive basis. For a botox virgin (first timer), it usually last 2-3 months. On average, botox last about 3-4 months and if have future treatments, it can last up to 6 months. So most people have botox 1-2 times a year. Hope that helps. Dr.Terry Loong Ethos Medical Director
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Botox typically begins to "fade" away after about 3 months and muscular movement begins to return to the injection site. Clients usually re-book for 3 to 4 months after injection. However as the injected area "learns" not to move whilst the Botox is working the injections may not need repeating quite so frequently.
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