How much faster will I see results be with a personal trainer?

Asked by Missy

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You will only achieve faster results with a trainer if you choose the right trainer for you. For example, suppose that you do not like to be pushed but then you hire a trainer who is determined to push you further. Without doubts the results of that relationship will be a disaster and you may give up exercising for once and for all. To illustrate, you may choose a trainer:
1. who will inspire, motivate, and educate you;
2. who you feel comfortable with;
3. who is a good listener and understands you, your motives, beliefs, and goals;
4. who has the ability to teach and bridge scientific knowledge into easy practical daily steps;
5. who is genuine, knowledgeable, and passionate about their job.
All the best,
Soraya Emment
Sport Psychologist, Coach & Trainer
West London
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Probably more faster than training on your own as a personal trainer will push you where you won't push yourself, and this discipline is definitely needed if you're serious about seeing results.
Like they say ... "No pain, no gain" .... "You snooze, you lose" .... you get the drift. I like to say the more effort you put into your workouts, the more improvements you'll get out of it.
"STEP IN DA GROOVE N MOVE"... now then!! are you ready to achieve your goals?! are you training for a race ?what is your mission? this is possible, as a professional and with my lifeskills am sure i could help you get faster results,It could be building up your selfesteem,feeling better about yourself.. or doing your personal best time for that 10k.. soom come. God bless.
As long as the trainer you hire is knowledgeable and aware of what your goals are then you should find results are achieved much quicker than without a personal trainer. Most people have an understanding that it is important to exercise to be fit and healthy but few people know the best way to do it. Make sure when you pick a personal trainer that they vary their workouts and provide functional forms of training.
I have to say that really depends on how often you train with your personal trainer, what sort of training you're doing in your sessions and what you do yourself when you're training alone. I recommend that clients choose a number of sessions to suit their goal. For example, if it's weight loss that you're looking for, depending on how far away you are from your goal weight, the more often you train, the faster you will see the results.
If you make the decision to spend money on a trainer, spend it wisely. Personal training should be an investment in you health and fitness, so take it seriously. Make it money well spent by doing everything you can to succeed, with and without your trainer. Look at your lifestyle and really focus on designing a fail-proof plan for diet, exercise, work and social life.
Your trainer will be able to help you more specifically when you've had a consultation. Good luck!
I'd agree with Josh. It also depends on the quality of the trainer and on the client as to the difference and speed of results.
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