I'm a 17st woman looking for an affordable personal trainer in the north London area.

I'm looking for a personal trainer (ideally with obesity experience) who can help me with weight loss. Preferably in the north London area but I'm willing to travel. Help!
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I'm also in the same situation as you and wondered if you've managed to find anyone that you could also recommend to me?
thank you!
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Did you manage to find someone to work with?
Were you able to find someone who totally understood where you were coming from because they had experience what it was like to struggle with cravings, food addiction and total loss of self-esteem?
Had they experience what it felt like to walk pass a mirror and not recognising the person in the reflection, and know that feeling I your stomach when you realise it's you?
If you have, that's brilliant but if not, please get in touch 0800 04 88 66 5 .. Judy :)
Hi, thank you for your interest in having a personal trainer. Your journey for a better health has already begun. For more information you can contact me on 07720718421 and we can discuss on how I can help you the best way.
Thank you for time and looking forward hearing from you.
Hi, I'm currently doing 5 sessions for £100, which you can share with someone if you like, at Like2Lift Gym in Merstham, Surrey. Bit of travelling for you, but worth it for the fun, friendly atmosphere, unlike the usual dull health and fitness clubs with rows of treadmills!
Hope to hear back from you.
Hi, I am a personal trainer based in Southgate N14. I have my own private studio so it's all one on one and you don't have to fight for space in a gym. My website is http://www.lisacunninghampt.com if you want more info about what I offer and my experience with fat loss. All my contact details are there as well.
Hiya, we specialist in obese clients with over 20 years experience - my PT's will go to your home or you can come to see us in Covent Garden. email info@crystalclearhealth.co.uk or visit our website http://www.crystalclearhealth.co.uk
Hi there, thanks for your inquiry
We can definitely help you to achieve your need, but we are not too sure about your budget, so you better call us on 07930546245
Hi and thank you for your enquiry. Without replying with a long email. It would probably be best if you call me on 07970 723 003 for an informal chat so I can understand better what your requirements.
All the best
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