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Question: I'm male, 42, looking for long lasting anti-wrinkle injections in London. Can anyone help?

Asked by jjarna

6 answers

I express myself a lot with my face so I have loads of lines.

I prefer the total frozen look. I do not care if it is artificial or not, as long as there is no movement so there will be less lines in the future.

I have had this treatment a few times in the past but I find that I still have movement and after two months everything goes back to like having no Botox at all.

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Can you help out?

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Hi I work with a doctor he does, he's qualified for many years, I'm based in Bromley. He got a treatment last 18 months.


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I provide these treatments in the London area.



Hi there, I'm Dr Jake Sloane and perform aesthetic treatments as a mobile service so I could come to you for your convenience.

Having read your query, it sounds very much like the previous treatments that you had were simply not sufficiently dosed correctly for a male patient. I see many male patients who also want the very frozen look and frankly this requires a larger dose and hence the price is a little more than for female patients. Typically I would charge a £50 additional supplement compared to a female for the same amount of areas.

If you would like to discuss things in further detail please feel free to call or text me on 07956129103.

Kind Regards,



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Hi Jake
Thanks for that
If I want to top-up after two weeks like I do will that be included in the initial price?
Kind regards


Hi Jake
Thanks for that
If I want to top-up after two weeks like I do will that be included in the initial price?
Kind regards


Hi we offer treatments in shoreditch london check here


Hi i can help. my massage can help Regain your youthful looks. no injections no operations no medicine with my techniques its a natural tratment to help the blood circulation and remove wrinkles.



Hi there,
Many practitioners tend to be conservative with the amount of botox used as the majority of patients tend to be scared of ending up with a 'frozen' look. If this is the look you are seeking then this it's possible, however botox will generally wear off after around 3 months. This is because we naturally make facial expressions everyday and the muscles will regain their ability to contract. Male patients also generally require larger doses of botox due to having thicker muscles. After repeated courses of botox the muscles will weaken over time and you should require smaller amounts.

For further info please email us at

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