Is Shellac bad for your nails?

I went to get my Shellac removed and the therapist tried to rip it off one of my nails as it was already coming off. As she did this she also pulled off some of my nail too. On my other nails she soaked them in acetone but then very harshly scratched of the Shellac with a blunt metal instrument. How should Shellac normally be removed?
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Dear Miss PB,
did you go to a bonafide CND Shellac Technician? Shellac should never be peeled off your nails to avoid damage to your natural nails. A nail wrap soaked in acetone or nourishing remover is wrapped onto the finger so only the pad with the chemicals are in contact with the nail. Your hands should never be dipped in a bowl of acetone as they do in some places. Shellac lifts off the nails in about 10 minutes, and can be gently scraped off with a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick. I offer CND Shellac and Brisa Lite treatments. To find a genuine certified CND nail technician in your area visit Shellac can only be purchased by qualified therapists who train with CND.
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As long as you go to a qualified nail technician that can prove her shellac certificate then the service carried out should be fine. Make sure they remove it correctly with wraps
Dear Miss BP,
I agree with below. The therapist should never ever rip shellac/ gel nails off, it's unprofessional and poor conduct. Gel nail wouldn't damage your nails if they were removed properly. If she prepped the nails properly for removal, the shellac gel would come off with ease. Normally how I remove gel nails is to break the gel first by buffing the nail with a buffer, that way the acetone can penetrate quicker into the gels. I would then wrap the nails with acetone soaked pads with foil. Leave for 10 minutes. The gel will break away with ease with hardly any scraping....If the gel is quite stubborn, put your foil wrapped fingers in some warm mitts help speed up the removal process.
Apply cuticle and nail conditioner on and a treatment base coat to nourish the nails.
It sounds like the therapist wasn't trained properly in gel removal. I'm so sorry you had to experience that......
Dear Miss PB,
I echo the details below, by Cindy's Beauty Lounge. Shellac is a treatment that is kind the nails. It sound like the therapist hadn't been trained correctly in how to remove the product. In fact all Gel or Gel Polish treatments should be removed the way described by Cindy's Beauty Lounge. One of the reasons I use Shellac is because it is so nice, quick and easy to remove, leaving the natural nail healthy.
Warm regards
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