I had 1ml of Voluma put in my cheeks last week. Is this the normal amount?

I love the effect but was just wondering if this is the normal amount used? I'm in my fifties.
Asked by Carole54

1 answer

Hi, I'm annette. I'm 50 and get filler in my cheeks, too. Last time, my doctor invited me to try Voluma. It was more expensive ($750 for 1ml) than Radiesse ($500 for 1.5ml). They claimed that the Voluma "lasts longer" (very subjective), but I would have to pay for 3 syringes with Voluma to get the same look I get with Radiesse. I usually get 1.5 ml per cheek, so this would have cost me a lot more. I decided against it. Regarding the "normal amount", there is no normal amount. It takes what it takes to get the look you want. I would need at least that much and maybe more!!
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