Why is massage therapy so effecting in managing stress?

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Hi I am Julia rhodes , principal colon hydrotherapist wit h West London Colonics . http://www.wahanda.com/place/west-london-colonics/
The stress busting mechanics of massage might be a primeval response.
Cats, and dogs like to be stroked. So do humans. Deprive a baby of human touch for long enough, and it will die!
I think there is something very fundamental and healing about touch itself when delivered in a safe, therapeutic setting.
With colon hydrotherapy , abdominal massage is one of the key techniques I deploy. In fact , fortuitously, the very latest review on our Wahanda page ( Jan2014 , by cutie pie ) mentions how she found the abdominal massage 'lovely'.
The abdominal area is a key area for massage because it houses the bulk of the enteric nervous system ( ENS) the 2nd brain. No wonder its soothing and has a feelgood factor matched by few other experiences.


About abdominal massages
"...and even a massage for the tummy and the massage was lovely." from cutie pies review
The reviewer mentions enjoying the “tummy massage”, so I am commenting on specific benefits of ‘Abdominal Massage’ in the context of colonics.
The abdomen houses vital organs responsible for digestion, reproduction and elimination. The digestive system and eliminative system is prone to weakness.
This can happen through illness, or by not exercising enough and living a sedentary lifestyle.
Abdominal Massage aids in proper digestion and relieves constipation. By strengthening weak and relaxed abdominal muscles, it can take strain off of the lower back. A massage can release deep muscle tissue spasms and help align pelvic bones.
This helps the digestive system a lot. Abdominal massage also helps when one is trying to detoxify.
Massage in this area improves the oxygenated blood supply to organs. This stimulates the liver, gall bladder and pancreas allowing the release of metabolic waste products.
So, it’s strongly recommended that one have an abdominal massage when on a colon cleansing program.
Applied pressure with gentle circular motion can also release deep muscle spasms, promote internal heat and break down adhesions or scar tissue.
Gender specific benefits:
For women- this massage has shown to alleviate painful periods and ovulation. It is also helpful in correcting irregular menstrual cycles and easing symptoms of PMS. (There are even studies showing that abdominal massage can be helpful with the symptoms of endometriosis). It aligns the uterus and pelvic bone to their proper positions
For men- The abdominal massage ensures full blood circulation to the prostate and prevents swelling and inflammation. Abdominal massage has also shown to help alleviate the need to urinate frequently.
Any one who has a "knot in the gut" feeling (stress and anxiety) would benefit from abdominal massage
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Stress is held in the body as tension and if it's not released overtime can become very painful. Sore feet, a bad back, pain down the arms, headaches and other aches and pains can get you down. Despite these aches and pains, however, you get on with life because we are used to a life of "stress". However, once this physical tension has been released the body becomes more flexible, is in a better posture and long standing pain fades. The massage I practice:
Raynor Remedial Massage is a deep tissue massage designed to find and eliminate all tension from the body. The method draws on Eastern understandings of the body and the massage is designed to break free any blockages in the flow of the body’s energy and muscles to leave the person balanced and free from tension. As a natural result of this, the muscles relax and the body readjusts itself to its natural posture.
The 5 main anchor points of Raynor massage is the head, hands, feet, stomach and hips which are the roots of both emotional and physical tension and stress.
However, it is not just muscle tension that causes problems. Stored emotional energy can also have a negative impact on our lives. The naturopathic massage that I perform works to release this energy making you feel lighter, unburdened and ready for new challenges. Getting rid of negative energies has been found to be helpful for people suffering from stress and depression and the profound benefits to your mental, physical and emotional well-being will be long-lasting and often life-changing.
Yoga exercise is also beneficial for managing stress and yoga is considered a mind body type of complementary and alternate medicine practice and yoga exercise helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety.
Massage can stimulate the lymphatic system if the massage is very light and targets the lymphatic system. This can be extremely relaxing and so reduces stress.
Indian Head Massage can reduce stress as it targets the muscles around the base of the skull, the length of the neck and the shoulders. These cause headaches when tight so massage can give relief from stress headaches.
Finally, touch is always comforting and the warm of a therapists hands and scent of the oils also have a beneficial effect emotionally.
The Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is the best alternative treatment for all main types of stresses ( physical "muscular fatigue", climatic "weather chages" and emotional "mental exhaustions" stresses). Acupunctrue works naturally by releasing the good feeling hormones (natural morhine which is called Endorphine) which relax both the body and mind.
Our UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS (London, Manchester and Nuffield Hospitals (in Stoke, Derby & Wolevrhampton)) have successful records in helping mental and emotional disorders casued by stresses, particularly the 3 types of stresses mentioned earlier by using manual, electrical and laser acupuncture.
If you want further information on this issue, you can contact the clinical Director of the UK ACUPUNCTURE CLINICS, Dr. Tukmachi on: 07814 696437/ email tukmachi@talk21.com or try to visit our website: http://www.ukacupuncture.co.uk (in order to select request call or send your inquiry by email).
Massage therapy is the best options for manage stress and massage therapy provides a many health benefits and massage therapy is a effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscles tension.
It unblocks emotional and physical energy within the body, allowing the hormones and nervous system to calm down and come back into balance.