Can anyone recommend a really effective hand cream for extremely dry hands? Price doesn't matter.

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Thank you all of the good advice! I will try some new product because I need some radical solution.
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If you want to go natural there are a few options. Unrefined shea butter, avocado oil and liquid lanolin all work very well. I find that jojoba oil works to a lesser extent for me.
We make a range of skin products made from natural vegetable oils and plant butters, our little jars gone a long way, one rain drop size covers the back of your hand. We have Soooth , a dry cream base around cocoa butter , Extra dry which is a oiler base , and Rose moisturising base around Thistle and almond oil. All come as 30ml Jars so can go in handbag and through airport security too. All with totally natural oils. price from £8.5 to £11.85
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Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is a healing cream and if you wear 100% cotton gloves at night after you have applied the hand and nail treatment it speeds up absorption and you will wake up with baby soft hands.
And the next time you have a manicure why not have a paraffin wax dip it locks in moisture. Don't forget to exfoliate your hands for super smoothness.
Hope this helps.
I would say CND almond hydrating cream x it's lush !
L'Occitane Shea Butter hand Cream is includes all the best ingredients for dry skin including coconut oil, honey and almond extracts. It's also non greasy so that's an added bonus! If you want something cheap and cheerful buy a large tub of Pure Vaseline Petroleum Jelly (from the babies counter). This is a little greasier but a good emollient to apply just before bedtime.
Hope this helps