Is there anything you can do to prevent prickly heat on holiday?

As I have quite sensitive skin I find I always end up with prickly heat when I'm on holiday and it always ruins the relaxing on the beach! Is there anything I can do to prevent it?
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In incidences of prickly heat, it is normally the case that the sweat glands - which are stimulated to function as a result of the sun/heat - get blocked. This blockage is almost always caused by an inflammatory response to bacteria (eg. staphylococcus epidermidis), fungi or an allergen. In these cases, I would recommend you have the bacteria/fungal balance in your body analysed by an expert and an allergy test. If you are reacting to the sunscreen, an all-natural product may make a difference. Hope that helps - Marek, Blueprint Fitness.
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Yes , you can buy a tan accelertor cream it stimulates the natural menlanin production in your skin . The skin thinks it in the sun and the melanin comes to the surface of your skin & this usally takes your body 5 - 7 day to do the same thing . Just like a body lotion you apply morning and night for up tp 15 days before you go on holiday. Elemis do one for £19.00 125mls but the high street may be cheaper. Also tomato's are very good for pickly heat and the common one antihistamine.


Thanks for this, am using Institut Esthederm's one after a recommendation - let's hope it helps!
Sweat and Bacteria are the leads causes of skin breaking out, especially after hair removal.
Then you throw into the eqausion, going away, the change of temps, the SPF, the stimulation of the seat glands and the friction of the clothing.
With all these factors in the eqausion, you have to have pretty resiliant skin not to step into prickly waters so to speak.
1. Use a Loofah in the bath or shower, gently exfoliating the skin daily so that the dead skin cells do not clog the pores.
2. After the shower or bath always towel off well, as the water can sour and fungus can grow.
3. Using a gel based serum such as Aromatherapy Associates Skin Conditioning Balance Gel with Aloe and Tea Tree is hugely benficial as the gel acts as a barrier on the skin and can help aide in prevention of irritation.
4. For the xtra baby sensative? A aloe based body powder before you cloth especially on bikini etc.
Aloe vera gel has fantastic soothing properties
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