What are the side effects of electrolysis? And does laser hair removal work on fine hair?

Two questions: what are the side effects of electrolysis? Does laser hair removal work on fine hair?
Asked by Abi10

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you can sometimes get small burns, open pores must be kept clean as you can get spots also.
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Hi Abi
If carried out by an experienced electrologist,there are no side effects.There can be some slight redness for a short time after treatment,and on very odd occasions there may be a slight bruise,but this is usually on more mature skins.I have been working in this field for nearly 30 years and it is a safe and regognised permanent method of hair removal.
Laser hair removal will treat fine hairs,but there is difficulty if the hairs lack pigment ,such as grey/white hairs or very blonde hair.Also if the skin pigment is very dark (darker than the hairs,the laser is attracted to the darker pigment) and therefore can cause prob;ems.
Check out you local are for experts in both fields, for a free consultation and then decide on which will work best for you.Good luck.