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Question: Before I invest in laser hair removal can someone tell me how long the results last?

Asked by dipsy121

4 answers

I am planning on spending just over £1000 on six sessions of Nd Yag laser hair removal on my legs, bikini line, full arms, and lower abdomen. I have light skin with jet black dark hair, can anyone with similar colouring who has had this treatment tell me about the results? Has the hair grown back? Was there any scarring?

Any answers will be a great help. Thanks in advance x

Laser Hair Removal, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL)

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Hi there. Laser hair removal is a very effective treatment if you are wise and choose a clinic that has the latest laser technology and also use it properly as opposed to rushing you in and out of your sessions without actually performing the treatment as it should be done. You usually need 6-8 sessions spaced at regular intervals and thereafter, you should see a dramatic reduction in hair (it is never 100 % hair removal) as there are always hairs which escape the laser . Unless you have any hormonal changes the hair shouldn't come back but realistically you need to continue with maintenance sessions at least 2-3 times a year.

You should see good results with the ndyag laser although that laser is ually used for very dark skin types and not light skin like yours. also be prepared to be put through pain (especially on your bikini.. yikes) have you looked into other lasers like the soprano xli which is one of the best lasers out there and is virtually Pain Free. Results are excellent with soprano and it feels like a hot massage.

You can read some of the reviews on Pulse Laser Clinic wahanda page or visit


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How many treatments are you having on each area, our IPL is based 6 to 8 weeks apart with a minimum of 6 treatments. Once you have completed each body area, you should find that you may need one or two treatments per year to maintain.
So long as your skin hasnt been exposed to the sun in the past 30 days you shouldnt experience any change in skin colouration. If you do its a result of the machine being on the wrong setting. the hair will grow back in between each treatment but will be finer and less wlll grow as you move through the treatments . Hope this helps



Your colouring is ideal for laser treatment. It is painless and has no side effects, i.e. scarring. It works, you will remove 99% of the unwanted hair. Make sure you have a free consultation and a patch test, you should then be given all the info.



Our IPL is based 4 to 6 weeks apart with a minimum of 6 treatments. Once you have completed each body area, you should find that you may need one or two treatments per year to maintain the results. This is only true until all the hormones are stable. If for whatever reason you have disturbances in your hormone levels then the hair growth may come back. Hence IPL is a long term solution but nothing is guaranteed!


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