Can you have fillers alongside CACI treatments?

Hi. I have booked my course of 10 CACI treatments thank to all the advice I received here!
What I am also wondering is, I know now that you cannot have CACI and botox, but what about fillers? I am thinking about that after the CACI course, along with the CACI top ups after the course monthly. Any input?
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Hi Carole having a filler treatment following your CACI course will be fine. You need to allow about 3-4 weeks between the filler treatment and the CACI, which will give the filler time to settle. We treat many clients at our clinic with our non surgical facelifting treatments (similar to CACI) who have wrinkle relaxing and fillers, and we find that the two complement each other well. Hope this helps!


Hi, Thanks, that is what I was thinking.
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Have you ever thought about having Collagen Induction Therapy, which actually stimulates your own natural collagen rather than injecting a foreign substance to your body. I've had it done few times by Scaraway and the results are amazing.
Hi, I cannot advise on CACiI as I only do Natural Lift Facial Massage which involves massage, acupressure and facial reflexology on the face.