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Question: What are the benefits of Akasuri?

Asked by Rakesh

1 answer

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Hi i found this for you to read ,i hope it helps .......
Have you ever noticed that Korean women seem to have really smooth silky skin? No? I hadn't either until my friend filled me in on a Korean bath house ritual called Akasuri. Akasuri is a body scrub where aged skin cells are sloughed away using a traditional Korean technique. So after a divine Sunday brunch at the Viceroy, my friend and I were off to K-Town to experience this time-honored tradition. We had appointments at Olympic Spa for a treatment called Pure Bliss. This treatment includes the Akasuri Body Scrub, a citrus jojoba bead body polish, a full session Korean Deep Tissue Massage with aromatherapy oils, a stimulating essential oil scalp massage, a botanical facial massage and chamomile mask, hair wash and conditioning with Bumble and Bumble. We were asked to arrive 30 minutes early to soak in their many different herbal and mineral pools and sit in the steam room for a while to soften our skin in preparation for our treatment. This being LA, of course we got stuck in traffic on the 10 freeway and arrived a mere 10 minutes before our appointment. Following a scolding by the receptionist, she led us to the first locker area where she asked us to take off our shoes. We were then showed to the main locker room and told to strip down and head to the shower/pool/treatment area. She told us to go sit in one of the hot tubs for a few minutes until someone called our locker key number for our treatment. We quickly realized that we had to lose all our inhibitions once we entered the hot tub/pool area. Everyone was walking around naked, all kinds of women; fat, skinny, old, young, asian, black, white, sagging, tight… you get the point. We were ordered to go to the communal showers and wash ourselves with the soap provided before entering the herbal pools. As we were relaxing in the pool my friend suddenly whispered to me that Alanis Morissette was in the pool next to us!!! We tried not to stare! Ha ha. She was gorgeous and had really nice skin. Anyway, before I get too side tracked let me continue. After soaking for a few minutes Jung, an older Korean woman in a black bra and panties, called my number for my treatment to begin. I made my naked journey across the room to the scrubbing/treatment area where there were six plastic covered beds lined up and some naked women getting treated by other black-lingerie clad women. She ordered me to lie face down on my table and without delay she put on one green and one yellow mitt and started scrubbing away. Every inch of my body was scrubbed vigorously. She made me turn into all kinds of positions. When I thought it was over there was more. This went on for 30 minutes. I was both disgusted and glad to see all of the dead skin that lay around me on the table. She then doused me with buckets of warm water to wash away all of the dead skin and soap. She told me to sit up and she poured some thick yellow liquid in my hand and told me to go back to the showers and wash my face with it and also rinse my whole body and come back to her. When I came back, she poured what seemed like a whole bottle of oil all over my body and the massage began. It was hard, it was rough, it was a little bit painful, just the way I like my massages =). The massage seemed to last forever. After that, Jung dripped some mint drops in my head and gave me a scalp massage. It felt like heaven. She then proceeded to the facial massage and applied the mask. While waiting for the mask to harden, she gave me a neck and shoulder massage. I was then covered in steaming towels and she wiped my whole body down to remove all of the excess oil. After she peeled off the face mask, she washed my hair and gave me another head massage as she was doing this. My hair was then wrapped in a towel, she sat me up, rubbed something cool down the spine of my back, draped me in a robe, put slippers on my feet, thanked me, and handed me a gratuity envelope. My friend was done at the same time and we headed to the "resting area" which was a heated marble floor where quilts and pillows were provided. We sat there for quite a while drinking water, chatting and absorbing the Pure Bliss we had just experienced. We felt cleaner than we had ever felt, relaxed and peaceful. Our skin all over our body was as smooth as a baby’s behind. It was nice leaving a massage without my hair and body feeling all oily. This was probably the best $100 I've ever spent in my entire life. [note: you can try just the scrub for $30]. This is definetely something I could get used to...

Spa's in other cities that offer Akasuri:
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posted by annafly @ 5:06 PM

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