I have really sensitive teeth but fancy getting them whitened?

Does whitening make them more sensitive? Is there a particular brand that wont?
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doesn’t mean, if you have sensitive teeth , you will feel very sensitive after treatment , i have a lot of clients who told me they have high sensitivity before we start treatment , but after treatment they were fine , if you have sensitivity afterword, it will last 48 hours after treatment , we recommend to make sure that won’t have high sensitivity ,you can take 2 tables of pain killer before you start your treatment ,it will help you to reduce from high sensitivity ,the only brand doesn’t give sensitivity is non peroxide , but we don’t believe non peroxide does high job , so we don’t recommend it for high results in our dental clinic. We always believe in something does do high fantastic result.
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Hi, yes, you should be fine to have your teeth whitened with the bleaching method, as the gels and methods have moved on somewhat and these days they have de-sensitizers in them, ensuring no pain during or after treatment. The gels and treatments are much the same whether you have it done with a dentist or a cosmetologist. I would just advise you to steer clear of laser treatments as they can be quite painful.
And yes, as a matter of course you should visit your dentist to determine who you are suffering in this way.
If you wish to know any more, or book a treatment please let me know.
Get your teeth seen by a good dentist, and find out what's making your teeth sensitive- is it decay? a cracked tooth?, do you have gum problems that you are not aware of?
They will be able to sort this out for you, and may be able to do desensitizing treatments, use gentler whitener.
But the first thing you should do is find out why your teeth are sensitive.


Thank you for your advice, always had sensitive teeth since being a child, even a gust of wind gives me agony! maybe I need a better dentist, they just said I had sensitive teeth?
Hi yes if you use peroxide free treatments they should be ok, I have been doing this for 2 years never had any one complain off teeth being sensitive after treatment unlike the bleaches and I'dt does work as well!,
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