I have one eyelid that is droopy is there anything I can do to naturally get the elasticity back?

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Hi Isabelle...sorry to answer your question with a question, when did this eyelid get droppy...was there some physical cause or perhaps something going on in your life at the time that was stressful or traumatic? If you like you can book a FREE 15 minute Skype consultation with me & I will suggest a remedy for you?
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Facial Acupuncture could be very helpful for this complaint. I had the same problem before acupuncture.
I would agree with Alan's questioning if why the problem occurred in the first place and also any anxiety it creates in the now. I am a great advocate of homeopathy although in this instance I think meridian therapies would be very helpful in terms of rebalancing body and mind. Very happy to chat if you wish to know more :) Will be very interested to hear what you do and the outcomes. Very best wishes xxx
Hi Isabelle
You could lift your eyelid with the CACI ( non surgical face lift) just in that eyelid area. Caci was developed for use in hospitals and is now used in the beauty industry for re-educating toning and firming the facial muscles. I would suggest a course of 6 or 10, please contac me for details
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Foods that are high in VIT C stimulate collagen and elastin productionas well as Sulphur and Anthocyanins are great for general skin muscles and joints health
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1--Non Surgical Lift using electric current will strengthen the muscles
and reshape the eye.
2--Using Massage and Acupressure can help
3--Last resort, Eye surgury.
Hi Isabelle, you could have some eye treatments with the CACI ( non surgical face lift)that would lift your eye...Caci was developed for use in hospitals and is now used in the beauty industry for re-educating toning and firming the facial muscles .
Best wishes
Georgia x
Eat foods that are high in nutrients that stimulate collagen and elastin production. Foods high in Vitamin C, Sulphur and Anthocyanins. As a skin care expert I would recommend a course of 6 Bioptron treatments.
Hi Isabelle
I would certainly recommend non surgical facelift or ultrasound for this. As with regards to products the DermaQuest Peptide Mobilizer would certainly help. Its referred to as Botox in a Bottle due to the high percentage of peptide ingredients especially Syn-Ake that mimics snake venom to provide a muscle relaxant effect.
I hope that this helps