Can PLR help with reccurring bouts of depression?

I have been dealing with trauma and feel that perhaps I am carrying something over from past lives.
Asked by Lo1616

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Hi Lo 1616. Quite often things are from past lives but they just be that something in this life is not working out. Sometimes it is just our early past in this life. If you are working at a soul level in this life you will be working through things you agreed to work on before you incarnated. You can do a regression session to allow you to go to the agreement area and work out what your soul plans were for this life. I was a trainer for the Michael Newton Institute and we trained a few therapists in UK. I have returned to the UK and am living in Edinburgh now. I hope that you have found out what is getting you down. Perhaps you need to train your brain to respond differently. If we have trauma - early on in life then the wiring of the brain can be affected. You should learn mindfulness or have a session to train yourself as this is particularly helpful.
Best of luck;
Carolyn Clark
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You could be, difficult to say without more information. If your intuition is telling you that, then maybe it would be worth investigating it.
Call me if you would like to talk about it.


Thanks for getting back to me. I have read Dr Brian Weiss Many Lives Many Masters. It just that I seem to have dealt well with the traumas I have been through in this life, and I cant work out why I still get depression. Im afraid you are too far away toattend therepy as I dont drive. Thanks again.
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