how safe is eye surgery

what problems can happen after eye surgery
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Hi there
I think with eye surgery, the saying "you get what you pay for" applies 100%! If you are thinking about having it done, be sure to go for a qualified, renowned surgeon. It will be the best money you'll ever spend!
They will go through all possible complications with you, but the most common side effects are that you can get drier eyes after the surgery and see lights at night as if surrounded by a halo - this hasn't happened to me but I know of people who have it. It's nothing major, and still way better than your original eyesight.
Most important thing is to STRICTLY FOLLOW the post-op procedures: do NOT touch your eyes for a week, keep them clean, apply the drops as prescribed - and there will be a lot of them! - and rest for a couple of days.
Hope it helps.
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