When a male masseur massages a female, where is the limit of pervy? (seriously, Im worried after 1)

I've had a massage for cellulite and I personally think the masseur was too personal when he started working on my thighs, but Im not sure where the limit is.
I was wearing paper underwear and he went under it to do the inside of my thighs. Is this normal?
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Hi Yoshike, I have answered your question here. Just click the link. http://www.lisalevine.co.uk/body-massage-therapies-on-the-opposite-sex/
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Did you give him any signals or hints that you were looking for a massage a little more 'intimate' than had you requested a masseuse? I have been a masseur for almost 4 years and I have a number of clients who specifically choose male therapists for that experience, maybe he was just trying to satisfy you?
Invasive...the paper knickers are in place to protect your modesty!
Personally I would work over the buttocks area as a female therapist on a female client but if working on a male I would adapt my massage and avoid sensitive areas which could possible cause an uncomfortable experience..
I think your therapist should have been more sensitive and professional!
He should have definitely explained in brief what you should expect from your treatment. I always, male or female, give a brief overview of the treatment before I start. This gives you as the client the chance to talk about your preferences and possibly tell your therapist about a sore ankle, bruised knee, broken toe etc, etc. and avoid unexpected and uncomfortable experience like yours!


All ladies here i just wanna tell you this that these inner portions are always sensitive and most of the time it gives you that uncomfortable or to be honest that sexual feeling, i would say in case if you feel good you can continue, if not comfortable just tell the massure and he will not do in those area.
The point is you felt uncomfortable and therefore will probably never relax in this masseurs treatment room again. Which defeats part of the point. although Cellulite areas are all about the upper thigh and buttox,. I would advise go make another aptt. with another therapist and tell them why you have come to them and they will be very aware and careful. if he made you feel uncomfortable he did a bad job in my eyes. But you are the paying customer and have the right to try others out and compare.
Up under the knickers was it the buttocks area or at the front (inside thigh) ? Mmm sounds to high to me, was it the once? it could have been an accident.
Have you had a massage before? If you had you will have known if it felt odd. He probably works with bodys all day every day and it meant nothing it's like a docter becoming desensitised.
But you wernt comfortable that isnt good it's a bit worring isnt it if he is acting unprofessional...


It was the front where he went under the paper knickers.
I haven't had this massage before, so I was wondering it it's normal..
I think I may reschedule another one with a different terapist and see how they do it.
I dont really understand how under the paper underwear is in the thigh area.
Was it over the top of the back thigh and up onto the buttocks? Or was it within the area that would be covered by a thong? It can feel quite 'close to the mark' when somebody is working over the buttocks and top thigh NEAR the knicker line but if he has gone under and touched within the bikini line then that is too far. Having and giving a massage is a very close and personal experience.
I think only you can answer your question, as you were there, and if you decide it was too far you need to decide if you wish to address the situation either with himself, his boss or the police if you feel appropriate.
My advice is to stick to female therapists if you are at all worried about future appointments.
I personally do not massage men to avoid any misunderstandings. And I also check that my clients are aware of where I will massage and ask them to let me know if they are uncomfortable with being touched in certain areas and in a certain way. I would never touch a client within an imaginary bikini.
Hope this answers your question.
Dear Yoshike
Some cellulite massages incorporating a limphatic drainage techniques to improve limph flow which is helping to fight cellulite. But even knowing a limphatic drainage roles and knowing it are quite important limphatic nodes in areas you are described it is still to high to go without your permission and knowledge. You should be aware the massage is going that high and your opinion about that part should be always considered. I personally don't like it, too.