Does anyone offer acne treatments for the back or bottom? I get breakouts in this area.

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I offers a number of treatments Ranging From: Cathiovital (Galvanic Current)
LED (Light Therapy), High Frequency Current, Lymph Drainage,
Special Medical Treatment. Using Professional Serums and products
with these treatments.
I will perform Free Consultation to determine the type of treatment you need.
Explain it to you.
Once we agree, I will perform one or a mixture of these treatments to overcome
the problem.
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Can anyone help with Rosacea


Nutritional Therapy works with Rosacea, as it is considered to be a physiological issue. You are more than welcome to contact me via my webmail:
Hi Silvana
I use peels(usually salicylic,or pumpkin)which will help to unplug blocked pores which are often the cause of this problem.Also the showering products you use may also be aggravating the condition LED blue and red light may also be beneficial.Find a local clinic that can give you a free consultation and advice,on professional treatments and homecare.
Guinot Hydradermie2 Back is very effective. Alternatively, I would recommend skin peels.
I offer Environ Back Treatment which includes thorough cleanse, tone and steam, followed by back peel and then intensive Retinol Serum applied via sonophoresis. I also supply Skin Accumax which is an amazing vitamin tablet which clears up even the worst case scenario.
for details of back treatment and
for details of Skin Accumax
Hi, Silvana. I have a successful result in treating 10 years long resistant acne breakouts. How it happened? I should have investigate the person's faults in food digestion and overall metabolism. When the problem was found, I suggested dietary changes and short term supplementation. The happy girl is on remission for two years now without outbreaks. I strongly believe, that it should be internal and external approach. I apply both : aromatherapy and Nutritional knowledge.