Which laser is the best for hair removal? Diode or IPL?

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I would strongly recommend IPL for hair removal. Hairs grow at different depths on the body and IPL is much more flexible as to the settings. It can be adjusted depending on the colour of the hair, where on the body it is and also the clients skin tone. Laser (Diode) is a fixed wavelength of light and adjustments can only be made by turning the power up or down.
Please note though that any system you might pursue will need you to be completely untanned and the hairs to be darker that the skin that they are on.
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IPL used a diffused light (broad spectrum) and is therefore less effective and requires more treatment sessions than laser hair removal. It is also Painful and has a higher risk of causing burns and other side effects.
On the other hand, the wavelength used in a Diode laser was developed especially for removal of undesired hair and therefore no light is wasted and the effect is optimal. Only 4-6 treatments are needed with Laser (in contract to IPL 8-10)
Laser can be used to treat mixed and dark skin types whereas IPL is suitable only for light skin. Diode lasers have a constantly cooled laser head (plus cooling gel) which makes the experience more comfortable for the client;
The Soprano XLi diode laser by ALMA is by far in my opinion the best laser system. Treatments feel like a comfortable “hot stone massage”. With Soprano, superior results are more consistent and reliable for every skin colour.
Sources: http://www.pulse-clinic.co.uk
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I prefer ipl it has amazing results never had a problem, I have never used diode. Some beauticians were not satisfied with diode.
808nm diode laser has been proved to be the MOST effect for all type skin and hair remove.

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I agree with Jenny, after many years working with several types of lasers I think the IPL technology for been a broad spectrum with several different wavelengths is far ore advanced to remove unwanted hair. I work with a medical SYTEM from italy that has proven to show great results in dark & light skin with dark or light hairs, obviously sessions vary from person to person but I found that normally a patient will require from 6 to 8 sessions to start and some people will require follow ups. I work with the Eterna Giovenezza medical Ipl... Fantastic results fast and safe!
IPL all the way contact me for more details if you wish
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IPL definately!
IPL all the way x
I strongly agree with Jenny, IPL is much more flexible as to the settings, thicker the hair , better the result, very good results with darker hair colour other then white and grey hair
works great with Asian skin tones.