My daughter is in serious need of a breast reduction, can anyone tell me how much it will be?

The rest of my daughter's body is not in proportion with her breasts and as a result she is stooping and really suffering. She's finding it hard to stay in employment because of this. Can anyone tell me how much breast reduction surgery costs and ways it can be paid? Thank you for your time.
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See its true that if u r trying to attempt for breast reduction so u should try to take some pills like perfect curves which contain herbal ingredients but it may be possible that it may have some side-effects....As many women used it they doesn't found as much results as they were expecting...Few of them are come across some perfect curves side-effects and stopped using it...
Breast reduction pills containing any form of estrogen or synthetic estrogen can be harmful to ur body for infants of pregnant or breastfeeding women....Effects of taking this may include irregular menstruation, infertility, increased risk of stroke and a reduced libido.
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she may be eligible for the reduction on the nhs if it can be proven to be causing her problems which it sounds like it is doing so. I would advise seeing your gp and asking for a referal to a consultant to assess
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I have a friend who is a contemporary ballet dancer and had quite big breasts for her size 10 and 5'6 frame, but again she was only 21 years old. I know that she went to her country of origin, Brazil to have a breast reduction. Some people go to Belgium for the same purpose as it costs around £2000 whereas in the UK costs some £5000. There are lots of Belgian doctors who come 2 days per month to the UK to see potential clients, quote the amont and perform the operation in Belgium. Google it and you will find lots of answers.
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