Treatment for migraine?

I have acute chronic migraines and though I've tried many treatments I have not yet consulted a nuitritionist. I understand the concept of 'trigger' foods but would like more advice.
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Migraines are often related to the Liver being Yin Deficient in Chinese medicine, where the Liver heats up too much and its energy ascends to attack the head. This commonly arises from a background of weak Kidneys. In Chinese dietary wisdom, stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and drugs all deplete Liver Yin, as does fried food, processed food and spicy food.
I trust that info can add to whatever route you take with the nutritional therapy.
I suffered from excruciating migraines for several, and for me, coffee, stress and eye strain were the main culprits, so maybe explore relaxation techniques and have your eyes checked too?
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Hi , I am julia Rhodes of West London Colonics .
Good advice given by other respondents to the question.
A little known secret is that colonics sometimes work quite dramatically for staving off migraines .
The postulated mechanism of action might be ( a) reduction in toxic load of the body, and ( b)rehydration of the body.
Worth exploring if there is chronic underlying constipation or poor elimination in conjunct with migraines .
Hello, Sorry to hear that you are suffering from acute headaches, however there are things from a nutritional and Ayurvedic persepective that can hep this. I would firstly need to know more about yourself such as your current diet, lifestyle habits and a little about about yourself to individually tailor it to you. In Ayurveda everybody is treated uniquely and without the above information it is difficult to pinpoint the cause.
It may be due to a Vata (air and space) increase, this could be caused by eating foods with the wrong qualities (the same quality - vata) and having lifestyle habits that are fast and stressful. It could also be due to a kapha increase (earth and water) which could be caused by eating too many foods that are kapha forming, such as cheese and dairy. Bad digestion is normally the cause of many diseases.
By doing an individual analysis and by finding about your current digestion I should be able to help you.
Please feel free to give me a call and check out my website My information is on there. 1.5 hour consultations cost £40 over the phone and you will recieve an email from me with recipes, your vitamin deficiencies (if any) and how to balance them and your personal analysis.
All the best
Love and Light
A holistic approach is best and I recommend seeing a kinesiologist to ascertain what is right for you. However in practice I always find that B complex, B12 and Magnesium are always relevant, and sometimes Milk Thistle - aswell as emotional support. I hope you get this resolved soon as migraines are so debilitating. Good luck
As well as sensitivities to certain foods - which obviously varies from one person to another - I find with my patients that oestrogen imbalances often contribute to migraines. My NAET allergy treatments can balance hormone levels, as well as identifying and treating for the problem foods.
Vitamin B12 and magnesium deficiencies are also common causes. Sensitivity to vitamins and minerals can interfere with their absorption, so treatment for any nutrient sensitivities may help.
I also look at any emotional issues which may be causing stress.
There is a lot of wonderful advice given here which I agree with.
From a dietary point of view it could be to do with hypoglycemia, caffiene, excess salt, aspartame etc.

Supplement with high dose B complex and CoQ10. Also 5-HTP and also alpha lipoic acid might help.
I have lots of information on my blog posts about healthier eating. Hope this helps.
Julie x
Hi SisMare
I've just had your message forwarded to me; so apologies for not replying sooner. Migraines can literally be a pain; I occasionally get them. I have also helped many herbal patients move on from getting migraines. Each approach is different for each person, so I will have to summarise what works for most people.
The common denominator - stress, either from frustration, fatigue, nutritional or environmental factors. Foods just add that excruciating cherry on the migraine and are commonly stimulants such as coffee, caffeine, chocolate, cheese, red wine and rich, oily foods.
As much as we like to avoid these foods or significant quantities of them; stress is the underlying factor. Unresolved issues, tension, frustration and a busy head are as responsible as any food. Remember the basics of looking after yourself - relaxation, breathing exercises and doing absolutely nothing; enough water; a healthy balanced diet; and smile!
Herbally, there are a couple of simple solutions - mint tea or chamomile tea; and you can always sweeten with a spoon of honey...I would need to consult with you personally to tailor an herbal prescription. So feel free to contact me on 01933-439655 or email John at herbal
Hi there! I have about 4-5 friends that have had amazing results by dealing with the cause of migraines. If you are interested and would like to know more please call 01582 966464. Regards Karen
I agree with other answers about looking for a personalised advice. I have helped my clients reduce and eliminate migraine headaches, but each of them required a individual approach based on their medical history, diet, test results, lifestyle habits and more. If you like, feel free to send me an email and your contact number to and I will gladly give you a call, so we can chat and decide what would be best for you to do based on your situation. You can come and see me in person or have your consultation via skype or phone.
Diet and nutrition are all very important to working with and clearing migraines. I work with these elements along with computer bio-resonance which helps to get to the the 'behind the scenes' reasons for the migraine...what may be going on at a subtle level, causing them in the first place. Usually suppressed emotions. I can do remote treatments if it is of interest.
There are certain foods that may contribute to migraine symptoms. A main cause is often dehydration and although many people think they are consuming enough water, it is often not being ustilised fully by the body, because of nutritional imbalances. A nutritional consultation with a fully qualified, registered nutritional therapist would help you to address any nutriitonal imbalances that could be contributing to your symptoms. A food intolerance test would also be beneficial to rule out any suspect foods. This would also be an opportunity to optimise your health, linking your symptoms to nutritional imbalances, supporting your body towards maintaining health.
I am sorry to hear that. I see a lot of clients with migraine and I know how debilitating it can be. Nutrition can help by identifying whether certain foods can be a problem. I usually do an elimination diet to identify this. There is also specific dietary and supplement advice which is very helpful in addressing symptoms. I tend to tailor this advice to each client once I have taken their medical history and analysed their food diary. Do feel free to contact me for more information or to book a Skype or clinic appointment. Best wishes, Caroline (
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