I recently heard about Dracula therapy and am very interested. How much is it?

I couldn't get an answer from Google and want to know if I can afford it.
Thanks a lot for your help
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Dr Daniel Sister is the best doctor to see about Dracula therapy - he introduced the treatment to the UK. More info here: http://drdanielsister.com
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Do you mean dracula therapy is Platelet Rich Plasma treatment? I think it's the newest treatment/technic to rejuvinate skin.
Platelet Rich Plasma is an advanced skin rejuvenation approach using patient’s own blood as the serum, aiming to stimulate collagen production of the skin. This individualized serum is yielded from the patient’s blood, undergone a specific process, resulting a collection of platelet rich plasma (PRP). PRP serum, which is high in growth factors are very beneficial to rejuvenate skin, as an anti-aging solution. Besides, PRP injection will fade away the acne scars and minimize skin pores.
Acne, ranging in severity from mild to severe that can cause scarring, is one of the most common issues people have. Acne scars develop when acne has damaged the collagen and dermis, and it is so hard to remove. Ovela Clinic provides Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a suitable treatment for acne scarring.
Hi I don't carry out that treatment sorry.
Blood is a positive substance and contains lots of goodness helps rejuvenate the skin when needling the blood is left on the skin often,i dont think it's a common procedure I believe it's about £200+ depends on areas of the UK.


Thx for ur quiq answer its very helpfull! Anywhey soon i ll hv too visit my clinic where i use to do my fill in and botox, hope they do as well! But now at list i know around how much its gone cost! Thx a again darling xxx
As far as I know only registered nurses are allowed to carry out this procedure, We do not but if you get stuck we can point you in the direction of some one who does do it.
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I don’t do it but its a treatment whereby your blood is drawn and then the platelet rich plasma is spin out in a machine and then put back with tiny injections into the skin to aid the rejuvenation process, I believe it is around £250 per treatment. Equally good if not better is Dermapen, this is a process whereby your skin is stamp needled and then active ingredient products are applied to the skin to aid rejuvenation and as part of the process of healing your skin will naturally produce more collagen and elastin more details on my website: http://www.indulgencebeauty.me.uk/Dermapen.htm
Kind regards - Tracy


Thx a lot about ur answer darling! I did a reaserch and i know exactly what is it, but i didint find anything about the price! Thx again for ur kidness! xxx
sorry I never heard about dracula massage, check my website if I can help you.
Massage bromley
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