What can I do to boost my immune system?

Since having surgery six months ago, I have been catching every cold and bug I come across. I currently have my fifth cold in as many months.
I have been taking a probiotic tablet first thing in the morning but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do to help strengthen my immune system?
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There are many things you can do to improve immunity.
Avoid sugar and cafferin
Eat more multicoloured fruit and vegetables
Eat enough protein
Stay hydrated with 1.5- 2 lites of pure water daily
Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night
Avoid stress
Probiotics are good and you should also take a good antioxidant complext containing A,C,E and the minerals selenium and zinc for about three months. I would also advise you to get your vitamin D levels checked and start supplementing if you are low. The best vitamin D is D3 and it can work wonders for your immune system. Don't stay on D3 long term though. Get tested and stop taking it once your levels return to normal.
I have clients coming to me to help with immunity and each case is slightly different and requires a different approach..
If the above doesn't work then if may be a good idea to see a Nutritionist who can look into your specific case and medical history and recommend appropriate diet and supplements.
Wishing you the best of health and vitality.
Dora Walsh
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recently there are some aesthetic clinic that provides preventive healthcare such as vaccines n all, check http://www.ovela-clinic.com/
I recommend you check out the webinars on the link below. They show you The Body Code which simply and effectively identifies the energy imbalances in your body and corrects them. This covers Emotions, Pathogens, Toxicity, Structural issues, Nutritional requirements and all the Circuits (both western and TCM).
I forgot to mention that Omega-3 oils are also important; and here are links to the NAET websites if you want to find out more about it or look for a practitioner in your area.
Brilliant answers - I will just add that self-care to prevent catching more colds and to boost your immune system should include self-massage using manual lymphatic drainage.
It only takes a few minutes and it activates the lymphatic nodes to become more efficient at responding to attacks from viruses and infection.
I hope you get better soon
Vitamin D3 is one of the best nutrients for boosting the immune system, and often it is needed in much higher doses than that recommended. Although it is better to get nutrients from whole food source, vitamin D often needs supplementation as it is only really obtained from sun exposure. Probiotics are also very important for the immune system. Sometimes, however, people don't absorb nutrients well due to sensitivity.
I do NAET allergy treatments, which test for allergies and sensitivities using kinesiology, and can eliminate the problems using acupressure techniques. This enables better absorption of nutrients, and relieves some of the toxic load on the immune system. l can also check if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, and find out if you would benefit from supplements and what dosage to take.
NAET can also help to balance glands and hormones, which are very significant for immune function, especially cortisol and the adrenal glands. There may be some toxicity still in your system from the anaesthetic, which I could help to eliminate. And of course any emotional issues can also compromise your immune system.
Homeopathy can also be very helpful in achieving optimal health.
Hope things improve for you soon.
Have you heard of Lifepak - it increases your antioxidant score which in turn means your body is more able to fight off the common cold. For further info call us on the Stockport clinic number http://www.bodylean.co.uk
drink alkaline water.....http://www.superiorh2o.co.uk any question call me 07894666330 mark
Hi there
Thats great that your taking a Probiotic as it will help. One a day may not be enough so maybe up the dose as if you have taken antibiotics it will wipe out all your good bacteria thats why you are catching illnesses.
You dont want to be taking to many supplements so best go for a mutli vitamin this will have everything your body needs.
Here are some supplements that will help boost your immune system
This probiotic is designed for after surgery http://www.naturessunshine.eu/uk/moniqueh/index.asp?act=moreinfo&id=6046&subcat=
Immune formula
: http://www.naturessunshine.eu/uk/moniqueh/index.asp?act=moreinfo&id=518&subcat=
All of these supplements are organic and thoroughly tested.
And from what the others said have a balanced diet, try eating lots of berries the darker the better, brightly coloured food like spinach these a re rich in antioxidents and will protect the body from illness, Lemon & Ginger is also great for colds & flu's
If you have any more questions more than happy to answer
Hi Elly,
Acupuncture can help in the following way:
Your immunity being compromised meant you were susceptible to catching colds and flu. In Chinese medicine this is related to the functioning of the Lung, which governs our Wei Qi (protective/defensive energy) that runs just below the surface of the skin, being compromised. On top of that, because this function of the Lung is compromised, probably the first cold you caught wasn't properly cleared from your system, so some of the invading pathogen remained inside (also primarily the Lung), making it easier to catch colds recurrently.
Acupuncture normally can easily get rid of this retained pathogen, and then to restore your immunity so that you don't catch colds at all, or only if you're particularly run down.
Added with all the other replies, I think you can rest easy in the knowledge that there are PLENTY of options and they can all be used together!
Ideally see a Kinesiologist who can identify whats right for you and treat you holistically - chemically, nutritionally, electrically, structurally and emotionally. You do need Probably vitamin C at least 3g a day, possibly more, zinc or selenium, beta carotene as anti-oxidants. To find a kinesiologist in the UK http://www.systematic-kinesiology.co.uk
OK, so my immune system crashed about 7 years ago and like you I got every cold going and also I was lacking energy. I recommend you don't think 'quick fix' but go on a long term plan to ensure your nutrition is giving you everything you need and some, that way your system will repair forever.
Do drink the 2 litres of water everyday, drop the coffee and take up anit-oxident rich green tea instead, eat a cave man style diet, if it hasn't grown from the ground or moved on the earth don't eat it: half of every plate you eat is a rainbow of veg/salad/fruit and have healthy protein. lots of fish. I did this and added in a superior multivitamin, and a v.good quality Fish oil (not cod liver you need deep sea fish). Another supplement I thorougly recommend is Herbalife Rose Ox, I've taken it every winter for 7 years and no colds so far. http://www.be-healthier.co.uk
I also found Sambucol helpful.
you are welcome to get in touch for more recommendations.
Probiotics are great, as is Vitamin C and Zinc. But you may benefit from Homeopathy as it appears your immune system was weakened by the operation which could suggest you need a detox from the anesthetic or your body is a bit in shock and your liver and adrenal glands have been compromised. I am offering an Immunity Booster package at the moment via Skype or in SW London. Take a look at the link below for details. I hope that helps. Claire
vitmin c can help take it till you get diarrhoea then you will know you have right amounts in you body liquorice tea good for adrenal gland to that help with hormones and immune systems good diet lots of rest too good