I have some allergies, usually unknown until after the event?

Would it be possible to have a test done beforehand?

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Hi there. Of course that would be no problem to pop in and have a test before hand for the non-surgical face-lifting. I have worked with the machine for a long time now and the only reactions I have ever had a generally from a gel or products that can be used before the treatment. The face-lifting machine that I use can be used with or without products. Information on the treatment can be found on the website. beautyretreatfleet.co.uk. Hope that helps. Regards Tracey
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Hi Paul,
I'm Dr Jake Sloane and thanks for your question on here. The simple answer is yes, a small injection of either botox or dermal filler, depending on what treatment you wanted, could in theory be done on a discrete area of the body. However in practice these are never done as the products have such a good safety profile and the chances of you developing an allergy to either of these are extremely remote.
If you aren't allergic to albumin/eggs, you will be fine with Botulinum toxin. (It is mixed with albumin as a preserver in the manufacturing process)
Today's fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in our own skin, albeit using a man made version of it. I have not heard of a true allergy to this, just redness which may have been caused by the act of the needle itself rather than the filler material.
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Dr Jake Sloane
Hi there.
Sure we could test your skins reaction to the non surgical treatment. Please contact me on beauty@homebeautysalon.co.uk if you would like to discuss further.
It depends on the treatment as for a any tinting a patch test needs to be performed prior to treatment, this can also be done for a spray tan.
It might be worth explaning your problem to the salon before having a treatment and you could ask if you could try some samples of the products that will be used during to the treatment.
If you do suffer from allergic reactions it would be advisable to see your GP, who could then advise you if you need to have allergy testing. This can be for various things such food or for common chemicals found cosmetics, household products etc.
I hope that this is of help.