Anyone anxious about hypnobirthing?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and have decided to try hypnobirthing for the birth of my baby. I have done a lot of research and I'm pretty sure that this method has been effective for many couples. My husband is very supportive and I am so grateful that I will have him there to fight my corner in the hospital when I am unable to debate.
I am however anxious that hypnobirthing will not work for me due to my personality type even if I practice and do everything I'm told as I am naturally a high energy, fast paced and excitable type of person. Will I really manage to relax as much as I need to? Hell, I am an 'always on the go' type gal!! I can't relax when my environment is relaxed, never mind when I'm in a hospital about to give birth!!
Apparently it is fear that releases adrenaline, which in turn blocks the release of oxytocin and beta endorphins (natural pain relief hormones) resulting in the pain most women feel at birth. I can shake off the fear, I'm pretty sure of that. I'm more than confident that I can give birth without complication and enjoy every second. But will my high energy and excitability release adrenaline the same way fear does? And will my personality type mean that I will find it difficult to get into that hypnotic state?
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First of all congratulations, how exciting to be pregnant I bet you are really looking forward to meeting your baby.
I am a qualified hypnobirther and hypnotherapist and am absolutely certain that with the right tools, the ones that you'll learn in a hypnobirthing programme, you will be able to relax and welcome your baby into the world in a beautiful way.
Your high energy and excitability will mean that you are in a great place to benefit from learning relaxation techniques, not just for the birth but for when you are raising your child as well. (Believe me, I used the relax breathing all the time when dealing with tantrum throwing toddlers and still do with my 'near teenage' 8 year old!)
I do hope you decide to give hypnobirthing a go, you'll find that the techniques, visualisations and breathing of enormous use to you before the birth, during your labour of love, post birth and beyond into your future with your children.
Good luck with anything and do feel free to give me a call if you have any other questions about hypnobirthing you would like to ask.
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Hi Missgrace,
Don't worry about not being the right personality type. Your Hypnotherapist will put you at ease long before the event and allow you to feel confident about the whole process by allowing you to experience Hypnosis right from the start.
I am sure you will discover that your decision will work very well for you. Good luck....perhaps you will let us all know via this site how it went?
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Your personality does not feature in your ability to learn a new skill. That's exactly what this is - a skill you learn with the help of your Hypnotherapist or Midwife. I think a strong, quick mind would be ideal material to enable you to learn quickly. You already grasp the basics.
Enjoy your pregnancy and birth.
I have used Hypnosis on many clients for this purpose and has a lot of happy client and easier births Diana


I think that like you I operated at a very fast pace before motherhood. Life is for living and we can do so much, that doesn't have to change when we become parents we just do different things. HypnoBirthing is very much about conditioning the mind and body. With a class and practice you can definitely learn how to relax, and how to relax quickly so that you can flit back into a calm state if/when you become stressed. Learning a new way took practice and is so worthwhile.