What is Meditation to you? What attracts you to Meditation?

Asked by Karunapriya

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Meditation is a chance to free myself from all the attachments I have around me, those attachments to objects, thngs, people and events that may cause me to forget myself and to become worried or stressed.
I can remember through meditation what it feels like to be my whole self again, and it feel like that moment you sink down into a warm bath, where you are enveloped in contentment and not needing or wanting for anything.
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Some wonderful comments already, so just to add that for me Meditation is a way for me to make an inner connection to my soul and ultimately to the Divine. It is a process that takes time and discipline to cultivate, but the benefits are a more peaceful mind and inner joy. It allows the thinking mind to rest so that an inner silence can be felt, this sense of peace can then be carried into daily life to assist with life's numerous challenges.
It reminds us of our spiritual nature after all. I also practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung which are forms of moving meditation and these are a wonderful way to unite body, mind and spirit through the breath and movement.
Meditation is an instruement that helps you work with and transform the power of your mind. I teach meditation. The benefits of meditation are vast. I say this through my own experiences, from the research I have read and from the people I see transformed by it. It can help you to transform your mind (eg. focus, creativity), your health, your emotions and your spiritual self. I have experienced all of these! I used to be a corporate gal - 20 years of corporate management experience and now I teach meditation for a living. Seriously, it is the simple yet enormously powerful! Try it out - you wont know until you experience the benefits yourself!!
Meditation to me is mindful mindlessness.
Passive meditation to me means allowing the muddy waters of the mind to settle so that the clear waters can be restored - when the hierarchy of thoughts come back into their natural order. Meditation is the opposite of becoming confused.
Active meditation is pretty much the same as visualisation, and can have deep and rapid effects on the body and emotions.
Meditation is also something, to me, that should be taken out of 'meditation time' into all aspects of life - walking, running, cooking, juggling several things at once (like life, family, career) - and making sure that the ego is allowed to become more and more inactive.
I love Qigong, as it combines mindfulness with gentle nourishing movements and breathwork.
Meditation to me can mean and take on many forms and techniques, offering a myriad of experiences. Personally, I mostly use simple meditation for deep mental and physical relaxation, stilling the mind and restoring my vitality, maintaining good mental and physical order.
At other times I enjoy experimenting with active variations of meditative states while doing every day tasks taking notice of out the box thinking while doing mundane stuff. Overall I'm attracted to meditation because for me, every session offers something new to learn and experience as well as being an overall well-being enhancer.
Meditation is the basic method of quietening the mind so that you can access all that your soul already knows.
Meditation is the process by which you can consciously connect to your High Self or Spirit if you prefer. In so doing you are able to access the infinite intelligence within for guidance for your journey as a Human Spiritual Being. My connection to High Self is experienced as calm, peace and a sense of completeness. Through meditation I experience the essence of Pure Love, the only thing there is.
Hi, it is actually a very interesting question! I am glad to share,what meditation is to me.
First of all, i can literally feel the very presence of my body and mind at exact time and place.It's a bit controversial , as i sometimes physically feel the time slows down and other days runs way to fats, but still i am able to taste the time and feel every second of it. Those are the moments that i clearly remember and somehow, i change my perception about happiness and worries. I love and i am very addicted to the tranquil state of the mind and thoughts during and right after the meditation. Meditation it self has helped me to comprehend what life in a present moment is. On a bad day, meditation guides me through the problem rationally .
What about you? Could you kindly answer those questions as well?