Are there any Bowen Technique centres near Barnes South West London?

Looking for Bowen centre in SW London thanks
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Are you looking to receive a treatment? Or learn the method so wanting a school?
If you are looking for a treatment I do Bowen from
balham or wimbledon locations. Let me know what suits you.
My email is My phone number is 07748 496287 happy to answer any questions you might have.
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I am not aware of any Bowen practitioner in Barnes, which is not to say that there isn't one. However, I am based at Parsons Green, Fulham which is pretty close by and I have treated people from the East Putney/Barnes area in the past. If you would like to know more, please contact me via e-mail at catherine or by telephone on 020 7731 4720. You could also check the Bowtech website.
If you are looking to train in the Bowen Technique, there are training courses with Nicola Hok, who is a Bowtech instructor in Hammersmith.
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I would personally recommend ECBS to learn the Bowen Technique, having been taught by a trainer who did both courses and loved ECBS so much she became a trainer there, it seemed the obvious choice to me!
One of my contacts asked me if I knew a practitioner, I have passed this on, thank you
why not try the ECBS Bowen Register


Not all bowen therapists are on the register though! It depends on whether they have paid to be on there or not!
It was a contact of mine who needed the info, I've passed it on, thank you
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