Anyone got any advice on how to research the best Botulinum wrinkle treatments & clinics in London?

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You should use the search facilities at either BACM or Treatments you can trust
Avoid anyone who is not qualified (medicine or nursing) and may not be insured;
Check nurses are nurse prescribers as the practice of remote prescribing has been finally outlawed!
so anyone providing botox but who is not qualified to prescribe is putting their registration at risk & probably has invalidated their insurance!
Sadly you get what you pay for - this particulalry applies in the realm of cosmetic medicine!
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Hi Nicki,
The Tracey Bell Clinics are registered with Treatments You Can Trust.
To see other accredited injectors a you can refer to their website to see those within your local area:
You can see the treatment in action at our Youtube channel too:
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T x
Like the other responses have said, ensure the practitioner you choose is qualified in Nursing or Medicine and is a prescriber. Have a look at their website to get a feel of their practice. You can always go for a consultation, a good practitioner will offer this for free with no Obligation.
If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me.
Hi Nickicfc,
Contact clinics and/or practitioners in your area and ask exactly what training and qualifications the practitioner(s) have. You may be surprised to find that some have only basic aesthetics training if any, relying instead on their medical backgrounds. Basic botulinum toxin type-A training does not cover any advanced procedures, nor does it cover any dermal fillers training. Additionally, some will boast about being IHAS registered, which is being misused by some clinicians to suggest they are better practitioners than their non member counterparts. This is a blatant misuse of the IHAS membership.
As stated by JenPrettyMachine insurance and training is a must, but clinics will often try to lure in clients for a free consultation before giving an indication of treatment costs. Higher prices don't necessarily result in better treatments. To that end I would recommend asking which product(s) they will use, how much product and how long it may last.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further advice.
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Helen Bowes
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Hi Niki. I agree, look for a medical practitioner (Doctor) who is qualified in the treatment, has good results from it and with whom you feel comfortable. There are so many places to look at, but check - do they have a website. Does it look honest. Are they also working in medicine. Are they local to you for you to meet with them first. When you meet do they give an honest opinion about the treatment you need. It is worth paying for great results. If they are cheap there is often a reason - limited dose of treatment etc
I hope this helps.
Find out how long the injector has been doing these treatments and look for feedback on the web. As if they have a photo portfolio to show the results achieved and get treated by a Registered Nurse or Doctor, don’t go for cut price treatment just because it is cheap as you may not get the best results or results you want. Make sure they offer a free review appointment as you may need an adjustment until they know your muscles, results and your requirements.
We have written an article to help people find a good and reputable Botox clinic. Here is the link
Look for someone who is qualified and insured, don't be fooled or lured in by price
Jen x