I'm thinking of opening a studio to offer beauty treatments! Pros and cons please? Thanks

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Thank you all so much for your help.
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check out all local salons to get the best prices...staff can be difficult as can health and safety..financial flow is so difficult atm...but it is also rewarding when it is going right...we have 3 lovely beauty rooms and i feel so calm each time i step into them..our clients are relaxed and happy.i like to make them feel good..so plan well and research lots before taking the plunge..good luck.xx
Fantastic idea, to me the most important thing would be the best location, i am a mobile business at the moment, and that works well to. Make sure the area you are in isn't saturated, there are a lot that are and a lot that don't have enough, also use marketing websites to research the demographics and average earnings/age etc of your potential clients. pros: so great to work for yourself, and have regular clients that you feel are like friends, its a pleasure to go to work every day! cons: be prepared to not earn a wage for a good year, no sick pay or holiday pay and you are working in a business that can change day by day, dont take cancelled appointments personally. Good Luck.
Plenty of Pro's..!! You meet the nicest of people and it's extremely satisfying when clients comment on how much they have enjoyed their treatments. Lots of people really have no idea of the type of treatment to choose and it's very rewarding when they trust you to make them look and feel good.
The Con's? Well, it all comes down to finance I'm afraid. Depending on the type of treatments you intend to offer the set up costs can be very expensive, particularly the fitting out of your studio. If you are competing with other salons first impressions will count and I would suggest you have a treatment in those you believe will be your main competitors. This will give you a good idea of client expectations.
Employment Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations, Competitors, Advertising, Training, Branding......just a few things you will need to consider.
I'm very lucky as I work from a treatment room at home so overheads are limited and I can adapt treatments very quickly if necessary as I'm am not contracted to any particular brand. Bear this in mind and try to do as much homework as you can on your target market before you commit yourself to any particular company or brand.
If you decide to go for it I wish you every success and I'm sure you will enjoy every minute of your new venture.
Maureen McGowan
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Do research how many clinics, salons already in your area location? Good luck x