I would like to have a Bridge, having 5 teeth missing at the front. How much would this cost please.

Asked by missbrand

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Please contact us at: http://www.harleystreetdentalclinic.co.uk/contact.html for more information. one of our staff will call you let you know about the prices.
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I would strongly recommend a consultation as it varies from patient to patient. but roughly you are looking at around £2-£5 grand there might be other available options that's why consultation is recommended
Dear Ms Brand,
Dental bridges come in all shapes and forms and the type of bridge or material used is dependent on the clinical situation, the amount you wish to pay and the overall aesthetic outcome.
A 5 unit bridge will typically cost from £2,500-7,000+ depending on the dentist, material and technician utilised.
I include some pictures via our testimonials pages and I am quite happy to forward you pictures of great case studies if you can send me your email and. also, here is a link http://www.traceybelldental.co.uk/cosmetic-crown-and-bridgework-gum-re-contouring-testimonial-by-kath/ this gives you the best aesthetic outcome but again the bite and clinical situation needs to be assessed prior.
Take a look at our website for a more detailed account:
A 5 unit bridge will cost you around £2500 - £5000 depending on options you take, but I would recommend a consultation with your dentist first to see what other options are available for you and how much they cost.
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