Had an allergic reaction to mango fruit drink last night - any idea why?

Hi there. I'm already allergic to pineapples and kiwis, but yesterday I craved a fruity drink so picked up a can of sparkling mango drink. Looking at the ingredients and having eaten fresh mango only a few weeks ago, I guessed that this would be fine with no side effects. Yet after about half an hour my chest was extremely tight, eyes became blurry and felt dizzy and my tell-tale 'I'm having a reaction' rash appeared on my arms appeared. Does anyone know if there are any links between pineapples, kiwi fruits and mangos?
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Cross Reactions
If you develop an allergy to pineapple, you might also be allergic to other substances and fruits. Similarly, an allergy to related fruits might indicate or lead to a pineapple allergy. Mangoes, kiwis, peaches, papaya, avocado and bananas might be cross-reactive to those with a pineapple allergy. An allergy to latex may cause a sensitivity to various fruits, including pineapple. Celery and olive tree pollen may be cross-reactive. Bromelain, an enzyme found in the stem of pineapples, is usually cross-reactive for those allergic to the fruit.
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my daughter and aunt have strong allergies to both mango and pineapple, and milder allergies to other fruits, so yes you are right you can be allergic to them. if my daughter hasn't had them in awhile, she can sometimes get away with one tiny piece with absolutely no reaction, but the next piece or the next day she is in awful shape.
i have the same reaction. i cant eat mangos kiwi pineapples ...all three have a link with bromelain, i believe. im also allergic to citrus fruits and bee stings. u cant peel or even cut these things around me in the same area without me reacting
I see you have many different responses already, all very good . From a Health Kinesiology view we would not actually "intellectualize" the problem but simple using the techniques of Health Kinesiology muscle testing investigate and eliminate the problem. It could have been something totally different but you had a preconceived idea that it might be the fruit so you may have been missed out entirely on what the real problem was. We would simply bolster your immune system so that you could manage whatever it was that caused the problem.
It may be an ingredient in the drink other than mango causing the reaction. Often sweeteners, colourings, flavourings, sugars and other substances are added to drinks to 'improve' the taste. Any of these may have caused the reaction you had. If you read the list of ingredients on the can, this may help to explain your reaction.
Allergies are the response to an immune system overreaction to an external substance. Allergies result in micro circulation and lymphatic malfunctions in the veins and venous system.
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There can be a link. I would recommend getting your allergies sorted out (desensitised) using a method like NAET (which I do). Otherwise you will probably keep developing more and more allergies/sensitivities as you get older, sadly, unless you go on a very strict dietary regime for a few years.
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You may be reacting to the phenolic in them, called Salicylates, which is them in a low level, but also you may want to look at what else was in the mango drink, was there sweeteners for instance?
Its more likely to be a reaction to the sugar or aspartame or fizz in the sparkling drink.....
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