When's the best time to go jogging? In the morning, or evening?

I tend to prefer jogging at night, though I know plenty of people like to go jogging before work in the morning (certainly, early morning workouts are a common thing for pro athletes). What are the advantages/disadvantages to early morning and late evening workouts?
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I prefer to go in the morning if I could and not eat before as this burns fat faster, kick starts the metabolism and I see the quickest results for weight loss. It also sets you up for the day and gives you the energy lift that we all need in the morning. However, if you are running for other reasons ie endurance, fitness training etc, it may be a very personal thing and also practically some people can only run after work? So I would say run at a time that would mean you do it regularly and most likely to stick to it. Its the consistency that gets results and therefore what time makes you feel best and you can fit into your lifestyle. schedule it into your diary and stick to it is the most important thing :)
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am is the best time because the body is get ready for bed and pm and slowing down some runnier get fat runing lat at night because of hormone cortisol it lowing at night for sleep so not a good thing to run after 12pm
Hi Leonard
It's mostly just personal preference and when it's easiest for you to fit a run in your day.
I personally prefer to go early morning as it sets me up for the day and I don't have to think about when I'm going to go for the rest of the day.
Early morning runs also kick start the metabolism and when training for a big race/ long distance running it teaches the body to dig into reserve fuel stores rather than relying on readily available energy from food.
However, for that same reason mornings are the hardest time to run as we don't have the readily available energy (if we haven't already eaten) and are bodies are still waking and warming up.
Please see the link for a more detailed explanation from a Running Times article.
Happy running :)


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